Sunday, June 24, 2012

Warror, Goddess, Sorceress: Teela (Oct. '09)

The first female in the line!  Teela came around in the vintage line pretty early, and she was confusing as heck.  Just as Zodac sorta had conflicting backgrounds between the toy and the show, Teela had conflicting backgrounds in EVERYTHING.  The toy labels her as a warrior goddess, the minicomics show her off as a warrior without her snake armor and The Goddess with her snake armor.  So then the cartoon rolls around and erases The Goddess, replaces her with a Sorceress (and Teela is back to a warrior), and then later minicomics say that Teela is a clone of the Sorceress!  GAH!

Anyway, the pics bellow show off the basic Teela; the Captain of the Guard in Eternia.  Yeah, she's that too.

I only took a few pics of her at the time (and apparently none with her snake armor) but she's on my list of favorites.  Fantastic sculpt, great accessories, and fun to pose.  Nothing to dislike!


  1. As a kid, I was always confused about She-Ra and Teela. Like when I would rent some episodes of He-Man on VHS and there was this girl named Teela instead of She-Ra, who I thought was a supporting character for He-Man. It was strange being a kid with no Internet trying to figure out bygone toylines. Speaking of that, you should have seen my face the first time I got my hands on one of the 1985 Transformers catalogs...

    1. Yeah, and on top of that I never even had a Teela figure when I was a kid, so I never gave her much of a story on my own. Just had no idea who she was really supposed to be! Not to mention the fact that she was the Goddess at one point when I knew full well that there was a Sorceress. This is what happens when most of your stories are based on the minicomics.