Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Because I thought putting armor on a hawk was hilarious.  Why else?


  1. Does the hawk armor have a SPOILER? Like, the thing that's suppose to keep ground vehicles...grounded? He-Man toys are awesome.

    1. Man I didn't even know that was what spoilers were for. I thought they just added extra douche to fancy sport cars (speaking of which: what even IS a "sport" car? Are they seriously driving for sport, or are they just going fast when you have a straightaway and getting pulled over because they don't know how to pay attention?)

      But yeah, if you're gona add missile and a cannon to a hawk then you might as well go full tilt.

    2. Yeah, spoilers are supposed to be for race cars that drive so fast they are in danger of lifting off the ground. So laugh the next time you see a shitty sedan sporting a spoiler, especially since in all likelihood the intended purpose of the thing would only come into play if the car was breaking the law by about 50 MPH.