Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vintage Conversations

So I talk about the Masters of the Universe Classics line so much, and the fact that it's special 'cause the vintage figures were my first toys ever.  Why don't we see how those 'ol vintage guys are doing?

See?  I wasn't kidding about the chewing!  Thems my tiny teeth marks from when I was knee high to a grasshopper.  His head was also chewed a bit (no nose there) and I'm pretty sure I checked to see if his head was hollow by sticking some pins in it when I got a little older.  Poor bastard.

You can't see it, but Tri-Klops is actually in pretty good shape!  I mean, for being around a chew monster.  Dunno why.  Perhaps he was bought a bit later?  Can't even remember. 

So yeah, why is this junk still around?  Well, no one ever throws anything away in my family.  Plus, we're all pretty nice folks, so they weren't gona just toss my junk out without telling me.  So it's pretty much my fault!  I'm all like "Nooo, I still need this stuff!"  And look, it provided some cheap laughs!  Huzzah!

By the way, here's my vintage display:



  1. I grew up in the late 80s, after He-Man's time. The He-Man toys I played with belonged to my friend who inherited them from his older brother. We didn't know their names, so we made them up. We were SUPER-creative. For example, Clawful was "Lobster Claw," and Sssqueeze was "Long Arms." Yup.
    I had borrowed a few of those figures when I found out the guy's family had sold all of them at a yard sale. The borrowed figures remain in my collection to this day... >:D

    1. I was born in 83, so I pretty much missed most of the heyday except for being able to chew everything. They were pretty much all my older brother's stuff, but he was never much of a toy guy, so I always played with everything. Chewed. Same thing, at the time.

      Anyway, someone took care of the minicomics that came with the figures, and I got all my answers from those and the cartoon; what I can remember of it. I remember sounds and a few sights, but otherwise the minicomics are what stuck out in my brain as I learned to read. I think that's where I got all the names from, and some of the stories. Once the cartoon was off the air I just kept going back to the minicomics for information.

      And yeah, I've got a few borrowed figures as well, though mostly from other toylines. One time my babysitter promised me all his G.I. Joes - which was A LOT - but then sold 'em all in a garage sale without telling me. BAH.