Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lets Try This Again, Skeletor (Dec. '09)

Wait Alexx, don't you have this guy already?  Why another one? 

Because two hands that can hold things are important to me!  I like the malevolent left hand on the original, but it can't hold anything!  That's no fun.  So the only real different between these two is the hands, though of course there are a few differences in the paint apps; nothing that can't be chalked up to normal variation, though.

See?  Nothin' much different.  I think I eventually decided that I liked my first head better, though it's such a slight difference that it doesn't matter much. 

Now you wouldn't think so, but this figure was super exciting just because I could get him to hold both halves of the power sword!

So exciting that I ended up with a bunch of pics of Skeletor holding them.  That was my default Skeletor until Demo-Man came along with that awesome new head, but we'll get there later.

On a side note: you can see from the last few posts that I found the lighting on the couch to be pretty good.  I took some pics on the couch for the next few until I finally set up my table.


  1. I'm still fond of the proposed story for the 200X line, where Skeletor had gotten both halves of the power sword and Duncan had to make a new mechanical one for Adam. I still loved the 200X cartoon anyway, though.

    1. Yeah, I really liked that idea. I remember first reading it in Toyfair and wondering how the heck that sounded like a bad idea. Eh..well that's not true; I know why it wasn't used - they wanted to remake MotU, not reboot it. Glad they kept Skeletor's swords the way they were, though, because you could still play that out as a "years later" scenario if you wanted.

      Yeah though, the 200X era was pretty cool. Wish it had caught on. I liked the toon, but as usual, the toys were my main thing. The toon didn't get good for me until season 2 anyway.