Tuesday, June 26, 2012

MotU vs DC: Because Superman just HAD to Fight He-Man Sometime

Shut up, toys!  You don't own me!

Well okay maybe you do.  Still, though they were expensive, they provided either cool figures or great extra parts!  On the MotUC side.  'Cause as you can see, I totally had those DC figures already (well, Superman is a little different, actually).  mostly I did a bunch of mix-n-match pics with these.

Skeletor came with a yellow sword in this one 'cause that's how he looked in the comic.  Also, Skeletor has a pretty badass color scheme for the skull!  Nice and simple yellow with black, souless sockets.  He-Man was useless, except for this body...which you will see later.  His shield was cool though, and goes well with King Grayskull (another of which you'll see later). 

Otherwise, the only thing I did with the DC guys was explore the use of the various colors of kryptonite...

Superman comics are crazy.


  1. Completely blew my mind back when I found out there was a "DC Comics Presents" that pitted Superman against He-Man. I thought I'd spend my whole life trying to find it. The very next week, I visited the comic dealer at our local fleamarket, asking him if he had heard of that issue, and he was like "you mean, THIS one?"

    1. I only found out about it when I joined he-man.org, and even then I hadn't heard of the DC comics. I'd love to get a hold of those DC comics, honestly. It looked like the closest thing to a story sorta based on the mini comics that I could ever get.