Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The November MotUCs Arrive Amidst the Disarray

And so I provide for you a quick shot of the packages (with regards to my current state of disheveledness) and my thoughts, fresh off the top of my head:

PPPHHHHT yeah this one is a present to all the Filmation fans who have been waiting for him, but not to folks like me.  He provides a fine goblet, but otherwise I'm honestly not sure what to do with him.  I could at least do some jokes, but they've restricted him so much by cutting out the bicep swivel and basically making his legs useless with the long skirt (just above his knees).  He's pretty much a standing figure for all intents and purposes, and I don't normally buy those.  Someday I may find a use for him, or otherwise I may cut his skirt so I can at least get some wacky poses out of him.  Otherwise he's delightfully foppy!  I just wish I could DO something with him.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Next Episode of Hoarders

HUUWWWAAAAAGH!  Disorder abounds! 

I found out that we'll be moving in to our house a little sooner than expected, so I wanted to get some pics of the old toy room before the move.  Of course...I had meant to finish up with the rest of the MotUC stuff before the move, so they're ALL OVER the floor there.  Normally those wouldn't be there.  The other junk though - that's classic pile of crap!  But hey, why don't we take a look around at the toy room as I know it before it all changes?

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Have you been paying attention, class?  What does Alexx like?  Robotic versions of the main characters?  Yes class, YES INDEED.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Better than Prototypes: Concepts! (SDCC Aug '12)

I had a lot of fun with this figure, but he's a bit of a bitch to take apart over and over, so I didn't go over every single mix that the figure is meant to have.  Still, I'll at least talk about it.  That's good for something, right?  Writing things.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

This Thing Better Transform Into A Robot or Something

Wait a second, why did we get one of these?  How am I supposed to keep buying toys?  Now I've got to mow a lawn again, and possibly clean things, and - crap, is that a tree?  Now I have to rake leaves too!  Maybe I'll just cut that down and replace the lawn with dirt.  Yes....yes that will go over well with all the people.  Especially the wife (the one with all the money). 

I suppose you can guess this means I'll be off-and-on with the updates, but when is that news?  I did a few recently, but before that I had already been off for about a month!  So nothing new on that end.  However, this may hopefully result in a new setup, as I'll finally be forced to not only clean my toy room, but remake it in it's entirety and perhaps buy some lamps or something I can't afford because I have a house that has more space than an apartment and could possibly need things more important than lamps to light my toys *DEEP BREATH* Anyway, who knows?  We'll see if my quality improves or stays the same with the new surroundings. 

Besides, the next important business is continuing to convince all the relatives that we STILL don't want a kid yet...