Friday, July 27, 2012

Nickelodeon Revives TMNT: Here's Raph and Don!

In case you didn't know: Nickelodeon is going to be bringing back TMNT in September.  So far it's lookin' pretty cool!  I'ma set my DVR to record that sucker but, of course - who has to wait that long to get some TMNT goodness?  Barely anyone!  The toys have been sighted out and about (though they're technically not supposed to hit until 7/29) so you can get your turtle fix before the show airs.  I found these at Toys R Us!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Head Slushies (May '12)

May brought one other freaky monster other than Stinkor: Slush Head!  I've spoken of the New Adventures of He-Man before, but to remind you - it was the He-Man cartoon right on the end of the 80's and into the early 90's.  It didn't do well, mostly because they changed the look of He-Man and Skeletor and took  them away from Eternia...effectively getting rid of everything that anyone knew about He-Man.  Most hated it, so if you gathered much about my personality from this blog, then you can probably guess that I loved it! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Patchouliman (May '12)

Stinkor!  Enemy to Moss Man.  Moss Man smells like pine, and Stinkor smells like...well, patchouli.  Don't know what patchouli smells like?  Well scratch the above picture and sniff your screen!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Thank You Mega Man Network!

I want to thank The Mega Man Network for finding my comic funny enough to win a D-Arts Zero v2!  Since the previous Zero was involved in's two of the other figures and how they are dealing with the replacement!

Zero Cool

So recently The Mega Man Network put up a contest to win a D-Arts Zero v.2 figure.  The rules for the contest were to show the judges how cool your Mega Man collection was; essentially proving that your collection is cool enough for Zero.  As we all know: Zero is bad like the Power Glove, so I had little trouble in finding some sort of joke to simultaneously show off my collection and the coolness factor of Zero.


...not that you need to watch all that.  Just the first thing I think of when I think "intermission." 

Anyway, I'm nearly caught up with the current MotUC figures, so I figured I'd post an official hey-I'm-not-just-doing-He-Man-stuff reminder.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Evilmike and his Mighty Forge

Guy named Evilmike over on apparently makes some awesome 3D designs of weaponry from all over the MotU spectrum.  Well, if you've got the model, I guess a website called Shapeways can make 'em!  Evilmike's Shapeways section has all of his current work, and they're all fantastic!

I got a few items from him not long ago, though I will admit that they are of a special plastic that Evilmike helped me get (I don't believe the gray plastic use on my swords is available at Shapeways). 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thunda PAWNCH (Apr. '12)

KHAAAAANN!! (Mar. '12)

February 2012 and the Mighty Batch

February of this year was...expensive.  Technically.  Mattel started the 30th Anniversary subscription, so I'm getting an extra figure every other month or so.  February not only had brought two figures and the 30th guy, but ALSO my subscription exclusive! 

BUT...the sub exclusive is paid for at the time of the subscription purchase, so technically it wasn't a drain on the wallet at the time.  Anyway:

Spy Monkey Wants your Money, and I Want You to Give it to Them

So I've spoken about Spy Monkey and their custom weapons before.  I've also told you about how you can't get the ones I showed you.  "ALEXX!", you shout toward my chiseled, handsome and dapper visage.  And I tell you to please, lower your voice.  You'll wake the tigers.  So you continue in a reverent whisper: "What can we buy from Spy Monkey Creations?"

The Horrible Green Giant or Evil-Lyn Needs Some Sun (Dec. '11)

I will do a full pictorial on Demo-Man because this guy is the shit, but for now I'll just keep doin' how I do and post what I did when I got 'em. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Flying Horse, Bubbly She-Ra, and Elephant Man (Nov. '11)

November brought a...strange batch.  In some ways.  In other ways, it brought some much needed attention to She-Ra!

October 2011 Brought Flipshot - Then I Did Nothing

Yeah, it says Icarius on his card, but that's not his name.  It's Flipshot.  He's the first good guys from the New Adventures of He-Man in the MotUC line!  He was also the ONE other good guy that I had from that toyline, other than two versions of He-Man. 

Megator (Aug. '11) along with Leech and Hurricane Hordak (Sept. '11)

No pics of Megator!  Promise I'll do some at one point.  Anyway, he's the Bad Guy giant and he's all green and monstrous.  He also comes with an alternate zombie head, because he died in the past and the Snake Men bring him back from the dead to fight again.  Sooo...awesome!  Giant zombie!

The Many Faces of Man-E-Faces (Aug. '11)

OH MAN - another freak!  And this one is a doozy, I tell ya.  Man-E-Faces is the king of the idea that if you put a bunch of cool things together, then you get something cool out of the collaboration.  This is one of those guys where I swear they just sculpted something they thought boys would like and added a feature that they knew would be fun, but then just slapped any old story to him afterward.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

SDCC 2011 and the No Pics (Aug. '11)

Luchador Clawful (July '11)

Another one that didn't get a 200X alternate head, and another one that kinda ticked off some people!  Once again, for me: same with Buzz-Off.  I don't mind that he doesn't have his 200X head, but I do think it would have been a good addition for folks that don't like the goofy vintage head.

Spy Monkey and the Custom Weapons of Awesome

So there's a website called Spy Monkey Creations from which you should buy things.  The pics below were my first Spy Monkey custom items, but sadly they are out of print, so I can't really sell 'em the way I want to.

What Would they Say

There was a post on asking what your figures would say if they could talk.

Friday, July 6, 2012

May through June of 2011 and Nothin' to Show for It

Bunch of cool figures and no pics besides the package shots.  I DONE GOT LAZY.

Nice Rack (Apr. '11)

Tired of seeing Weapons Paks?  Well then how about a Weapons Rack?! 

Purple Kitty (Apr. '11)

The Spinny Guy with the Radar Chest (Apr. '11)

I remember him now, but I think I kept forgetting this guy's name when I was a kid.  Think I called him tornado a lot, but mostly he was just that spinny guy.  'Cause you know - that's what I did with him!  Sy-Klone's feature was a small dial on his waist; you spin it with your thumb, and his top half spins around!  His arms were loose when moving outward, so they would always splay out when he spun, so he could punch suckas, spinny style.

There's a Snake in My B...body. My Whole Body (Mar. '11)

Time for a new faction leader!  What do you do when Skeletor gets stale and Hordak is pretty much She-Ra's enemy?  Make a new faction!  THE SNAKE MEN.....WoOoOoOo!  Yeah, I dunno about you, but it never sounds all that impressive.  These guys are supposed to be really powerful, and I never understood why.  There are a lot of them, sure, but how are they any more powerful than any of the other crazy monster people on Eternia? 

Skeletor's Armor for Battling (Mar. '11)

This was another one where I didn't take many pics.  In fact, the pics only came about when I did my modification to his axe.  Lemme explain at'chu:

Mer-Man vs Aquaman...?

Well, He-Man already fought Superman, and they threw Skeletor and Lex Luthor why not? 

And heck, these exclusive Toys R Us two packs were great ways to get interesting repaints of MotUC figures!  ...and completely normal and not repainted DC figures that you may already have.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Joke for Big Country

There's a dude on named Big Country, and we've spoken quite a few times.  We agree on many things, save for The New Adventures of He-Man and the toyline that went with it (I love 'em, he don't).  I think he has rethought his stance on the figures recently, but mostly because NA figures always turn out awesome when they are reworked for the MotUC line. 

Anyway, he did a setup of Skeletor figures and neglected NA Skeletor.  I responded with this:

Never Look Up Around a Giant In a Loincloth (Feb '11)

TYTUS.  Big.  80's metal hair.  Comes with a hair dryer.  All these things speak of the might of a giant...dude. 

February 2011 and the Pics Not Taken

So February 2011's figures were another batch where I just didn't take pics...except for Bow.  Oh yes, totally did a comic for Bow. But lets start with the lesser beings:

Variety Packin' Your Face

More random stuff!

This first one was a response to a post at  I think it had something to do with someone wanting more articulation in the MotUC line, and someone pointed out that the line has enough and it's not like MotUC figures need to pull off Spider-Man poses.  So I did this:

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

MotUC's First Army Builders: Palace Guards (Jan '11)

Yeah, I bought two of those. 

I Keep Barely Taking Pics of Awesome Figures (Jan '11)

VIKOR IS AWESOME.  I'm serious.  Great figure.  Barely took any pics, but a great figure all the same.  It's one of those stand-out figures from the line that breaks the boundaries down.  If you like Conan, barbarian types, MotU, or just good toys, then you should own Vikor.  

Muscle Bug Man with Mechanical Wings (Dec '10)

Yeah, still was making fun of Stratos at that time.  Wait...I'm still doing that now.


November 2010's Offerings

I took a few pics of each of November's things in 2010, so I'm just mixing them together.  First of all: Weapons Pak #2!