Friday, June 22, 2012

The Evil, Robotic, Blue and Orange He-Man (Mar. '09)

I love the crap outta Faker.  I just could not think of any jokes around the time when I got 'em, nor did I feel like any large photo shoots.  So this was all I had at the time!

Randomly holding the classic sword.

This was how my original Skeletor looked back in the day (sometimes, when I wasn't using Faker anyway) because I bit the head off my original.  To replace the decapitated one I was allowed to pick another, and I chose the only one we could find at the time: Dragon Blaster Skeletor.  That one didn't have the normal Skeletor harness (and I suppose my parents tossed out the headless original) so I swapped out Skeletor's red armor for Faker's to sort of...simulate his original look.  Threw that pic together to show off some of my own personal Classics!

Last pic was the best I had for the time.  I'll have to do a proper pictorial for Faker someday!  'Cause I'm serious about my love for this figure.  I dunno what it is about obviously evil and robotic versions of the main hero, but I think Faker is the one that started the interest.  You can tell the interest stayed with me through the years with some of my favorite characters being the likes of Metal Sonic and Robo Ky.  No one could ever mistake any of these freaks for the main hero; and yet they exist.  I love them all.  With any luck - one day - there may be a Robo Alexx.  And he'll be a total bastard.


  1. Reminds me of my younger bro's favorite action figure from the early 90s, the Jack Nicholson Joker from the '89 Batman film. This was the one from Toy Biz that was just a crappy recast of the Super Powers figure with a different head. My bro sat on him and broke his head right off, and we spent a good 5-10 years searching for the mythic "Purple Joker."

    1. Wow, that Joker must have had a weak neck, because I had that exact same Joker and his head broke off on a trip off the side of the basement stairs. I actually got a new one not long after that as an incentive to play a catcher in my older brother's T-Ball game (I had NO interest in sports, so to fill in for a missing player I had to be bribed with a toy. I probably ruined the game with my disinterest and inability to catch anything, but at least I got my replacement Joker).