Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mix And Match: Fall Edition

It's actually completely random, but most of these pics are longer items of clothing on various figures.  Like they're getting ready for fall?  I dunno.

Lyn here is sporting Keldor's cape, though that became useless with Battleground Evil-Lyn (we'll go over her later).


Moss Man is getting ready for fall by donning a mossy cape!  Well it's just green, but it could be moss!  You don't know.  Anyway, it's from some build-a-figure from a Fantastic Four wave of Marvel Legends.

Yay, more Sigma 6!  This is the trenchcoat from Long Range, one of the more badass Sigma 6 figures.  This would be more of a winter Tri-Klops, I guess.

This is from Sigma 6 Storm Shadow; one with double jointed knees and elbows and a crazy danger-to-himself-and-others jetpack with buzzaw wings.

Next we have Kronis with a Sigma 6 Destro's harness (the Destro that robs banks?) and some Xevoz weapons. 

And finally, Skeletor with more Xevoz weapons.  Something like evil energy weapons, or something.

That is all!


  1. Man, those additions you gave Moss Man and Zodak look like they were always part of those figures!

  2. So did you take advantage of the Great Xevox Clearance Sale of 200X as well?

    1. I should have, but actually I bought into them in the short time when they were doing well. Did get a few of the clearance ones I didn't have, though. Wish I could have gotten some of the ones that didn't go to stores, though. Friggin' awesome toyline; one of the best.