Thursday, June 28, 2012

These are the Jokes, People

Random Jokes!  Most of these were either just random or responses to posts.  As usual, I can't remember what some of them were responding to.

That one is a favorite of mine. 

I made that when I bought the re-release of Faker.  He's a favorite, so I wanted a perfect one; my original had a weak ankle and one of his arms was mysteriously hard to move.

I just love the Bashasaurus.  It's a dinosaur-themed car with a huge rock on a stick.  Press a button, and BASHASAURUS!!


  1. Arguably inferior to the LAND SHARK LAND SHARK LAND SHARK

    1. Arguably indeed! Biting is all well and good, but I stand by a good smashing any day. Especially when the name that goes along with the smashing is BASHASAURUS!