Sunday, June 24, 2012


That's what Skeleflex is: All skeletons.  And apparently no one wanted them.  Those poor things were clearanced pretty quick, though they did last long enough to get a few interesting variations out.

Not only did they do dinosaurs and random aliens, but they did mythical beasts like the giant guy and the minotaur!  I have no idea how this toyline failed.  It's the best idea.  BEST.

Anyway, the other thing they did was a little sub-line of tiny dinosaurs!  A bit less articulation, but no less fun.

I love those little guys!  Then they were also clearanced.  I'm glad I got what I did when they were abundant.  There's a serious lack of skeleton-based toylines out there, and this one was pretty much the king of them all.  If this failed...then I fear there is no place for skeletons on the toy market.


  1. Wah! I didn't know they made humanoid skeletons, too! *furiously googles*

    1. Yeah, you can probably still find them online, I think. I do wish they stood the test of time a little better, though. As I'm digging through everything for the move, I've found a lot of these guys' limbs have fallen off, and a few of the connectors have cracked a bit. I'll have to check them a bit more closely...