Friday, June 22, 2012

Hordak Attack (June '09)

Yeah...barely took any pics for this guy.  At the time I just wasn't feelin' him.  Seems like all he was good for was standing and looking...vampiric.  Can't even remember much about what I thought of him back in the day!  I was a big Skeletor fan, so no goofy vampire was gona take over Skeletor's position, and I didn't have very many members of his Horde, so he was mostly stand-alone.

Nowadays it's a little different.  For one, I like the connection between him and Skeletor, as Hordak trained Skeletor in the dark arts 'n all that jazzy funk.  So there's always a good laugh to be had when those two get together.  Plus, I'm an adult now, and with that status comes a dirty, dirty mind.  Thus, I cannot get the idea of Whoredak out of my mind.  I mean....say it out loud; both of them.  Hordak and Whoredak.  They're the same.  You'll never get it out of your head.  Whoredak.  Whoredak.  Whoredak.  It won't leave you. 

BLAH!  Okay okay, the only other thing I did with him at the time was give him some TMNT weapons to make a sort of battlefield variant. 




  1. I think Hordak's mystique to me as a kid was how he had this army of guys who were all much weirder than Skeletor's guys. I mean, Mosquitor? Mantenna (huh huh)? Grizzlor? Guys were crazy.

    It helped that I didn't watch the POP cartoon, too.

    1. I can certainly see that! I just didn't have his army beyond Mantenna; that was it for my Horde. He didn't feel like a faction leader to me when I was a kid, and the only time I saw him on the toon was in the Secret of the Sword movie. I probably would have liked him better if I had more Horde guys or really understood his place in the mythos back then.