Friday, July 6, 2012

May through June of 2011 and Nothin' to Show for It

Bunch of cool figures and no pics besides the package shots.  I DONE GOT LAZY.

First Horde lady: Catra.  This one is a cool mix in terms of accessories, but the look is all from the She-Ra cartoon back in the day.  The vintage toy was WAY different.  Wish I had some pics to show; but this figure came with the vintage silver cat mask, and the red mask she had on the toon.  The silver cat mask doesn't match as well here, but I'm still glad we got it.  Next, she came with a sword from her Shower Power variant.  I'm gona stay away from "shower power" jokes and just move right along to the fact that the poor sword had to be made of a rubbery plastic, which was then friggin' shoved into the package with a rubber band around it so the blade became warped and the crystals fell out.

It was easily fixed, as I just used hot water to reshape the sword and glued the crystals back in, but still: I just don't get why toy companies keep wanting to ruin their toys right in the package.  They pull this crap with the sword, but Hasbro does it all the friggin' time with Joes and sometimes Star Wars figures, where they use those clear rubber bands to band the figure's weapons to their hands.  Cool...the figure is holding it's weapon in the can it hold the weapons OUT of the package?  No, not now that the rubber band has warped the hand into an open position.  WHY.  Stop doing that, people.  Come on.  Don't ruin your own product.

Moving on: The other accessory was a comb/whip!  Just like She-Ra coming with a comb/axe, Catra's comb was turned into a whip.  I do wish they had done it a bit differently, but I think it worked out in a similar way to She-Ra's, in that Catra could use the comb part to catch and break blades at close range.  Kinda neat!  I know I'll make a full Catra post sometime later and cover all this.

Ha!  You can't even see the figure.  This is so sad, 'cause this is an awesome toy.  Well, this is Battleground Teela, as they call her.  This is actually an obscure version of Teela from the first DC comic books of MotU.  They drew the comics based on information given to them by Mattel, but Mattel failed to tell them what Teela looked like at the time of the first comic!  So...they improvised.  The look they came up with matched He-Man, pretty much: a barbarian lady.  The look was pretty damn cool and simple, so they turned it into a Teela variant!  Best thing about it is that it randomly has blond hair, so she is ripe for reworking into someone else (goes GREAT with Vikor!). 

But you can barely friggin' see her.  This'll be another good one to go back and cover, and I most certainly will, because I love the figure. 

This guy is awesome!  And I also took no pics.  He's from the 200X cartoon and is Evil-Lyn's failure of a father.  I mean this guy fails at everything.  All the things he is supposed to do: fails.  For one, he did some big failure in the past, so he was punished by the removal of his face and his confinement to a temple.  Next, he is given the Ram Stone to protect, and he fails.  Finally, he was supposed to protect the Havoc Staff and - wait, isn't that Skeletor's staff?  Yeah, FAIL.  His daughter left him in a rage to join Keldor as well, and then continued to stay when he became Skeletor and...

...ya know what?  No sense in twisting the knife any deeper.  Lets just say that the figure is bad ass and if he had existed in the vintage line then I most certainly would have turned him into a crazy awesome sorcerer.  He's too awesome looking for all the failure surrounding him.

Did I mention I have no pics?  Sorry!  Wait 'till later.


  1. Just don't let Catra ride the Wing Zero. 'Cause, you know... Catra can't... ...too stupid?

  2. HA. Quatra Catra. Both are bitches! Funny how that works out.

  3. BG Teela's head also does a great job of making normal Teela look like some of her Minicomic/DC Comic appearances, as I'm sure you're aware, you devilish part-swapper you.
    I had forgotten that Catra came out before Leech. And can you believe we got Shadow Weaver, Mosquitor, and friggin' Horde Prime before Mantenna? I want my damn bug-eyes, Mordiggian dammit. (lol mantenna)

    1. Ugh, I can't believe I didn't take any pics of these guys! I love these figures! It's crazy.

      Anyway, Mantenna's non-release is easier to understand when you think about parts use. There's gona be barely anything that can be reused for Mantenna. Even Leech used arms and legs from other figures. Shadow Weaver was all new save for the hands, but there wasn't anything crazy to mold for her; if anything her mold was even simpler than anyone else. Mantenna is gona bee a whole new body with room for four legs, probably making him more expensive like Ram-Man (though I can't remember if Ram-Man is actually more expensive to us; I think he was made by taking away from other figures - you know, budgeting within a wave of figures). He'll also probably have a new thinner body (possibly), new arms, not to mention the obvious new head and different eye parts.

      One way or another he is WAY more complicated than any of the Horde members so far.

    2. Yeah, absolutely. It's also a good way to keep folks invested in later years, much as they did with Ram-Man and Mekaneck. I sound like I'm bitching but really any single MOTUC is more awesome than 75% of anything in my whole collection. Anyway I wonder if Mantenna's legs will be molded together like the vintage toy or separate like some of his fictional appearances...

    3. I gotta assume they're gona give him the full four legs. Only reason I can see him held off for so long; they gotta do him right. He was the Horde's most unique and monsterous son of a bitch. Even Leech was mostly bloated and funny looking. Mantenna had multiple legs and eyestalks like a bug, a horrible spider-mouth (thought it was his nose when I was a kid) and is just all around slimy looking and terrible. The absolute best thing to come out of the Horde!