Thursday, July 12, 2012

Evilmike and his Mighty Forge

Guy named Evilmike over on apparently makes some awesome 3D designs of weaponry from all over the MotU spectrum.  Well, if you've got the model, I guess a website called Shapeways can make 'em!  Evilmike's Shapeways section has all of his current work, and they're all fantastic!

I got a few items from him not long ago, though I will admit that they are of a special plastic that Evilmike helped me get (I don't believe the gray plastic use on my swords is available at Shapeways). 

The two Evilmike items are being held by Wun-Dar and Skeletor.  Wun-Dar's is based on the "Sword of the Ancients", as it is called in the minicomic "The Masks of Power."  I have no idea why it is called that, because it's obviously a slightly different take on the Power Sword...but it's not like the old minicomics made any sense most of the time, what with Teela starting out as a Green Goddess, then coming in as normal Teela, but still being a Goddess when in her snake armor but technically being two different people------

Anyway...the second sword is based on how the Power Sword looked in the first minicomic.  I got these 'cause I'm sure there won't be any reason for Mattel to make official versions, and those two swords are kinda burned in my mind since I used to flip through those minicomics over and over.  It's so cool to have plastic versions of those items.  Evilmike did a fantastic job on these!


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