Friday, July 6, 2012

Nice Rack (Apr. '11)

Tired of seeing Weapons Paks?  Well then how about a Weapons Rack?! 

'Cause here's a Weapons Rack.

Or a couple of racks.  This isn't random though: this is the Weapons Rack that came with the vintage Castle Grayskull.  Only these are totally awesome and painted like wood, where the original was just orange.  Also, the original was only one-sided (other side was hollow) whereas these have two full sides of weapon-holding goodness!  The pic above shows more than just what the racks come with; I threw on stuff from the Palace Guards and other Weapons Paks too!

This is hands-down my favorite accessory pack so far (we'll see how the upcoming Weapons Pak 3 does).  The weapons are all classic stuff in either semi-rusty/weathered paint, or in a dark metallic red to give a homage to a vintage Man-E-Faces that randomly came with a bunch of red Grayskull weapons.  I would have liked the red weapons to be silver like the rest, but once I got them in hand I warmed up to them.  Mostly because...well, they're unique!  They actually go well with quite a few figures so far.

Now this happens:

Like you didn't see that comin'.


  1. Really dig the pose you did for Teela leaning against the rack pic three. Even makes her look a little tired from setting up the rack.