Saturday, July 7, 2012

Spy Monkey and the Custom Weapons of Awesome

So there's a website called Spy Monkey Creations from which you should buy things.  The pics below were my first Spy Monkey custom items, but sadly they are out of print, so I can't really sell 'em the way I want to.

First thing is the Sword of Ages, made to look like the sword Tri-Klops uses in his minicomic.  As per usual for Spy Monkey, they take a mold and make the best of it by remolding it in different colors: for the fun of it. 


I haven't found a home for this one yet, but I love the translucent blue blade.  It matches the guys shown with orange...but it looks too special for those guys.  We'll see.


The green one was made for Hsss, I think, but I think it rocks on Scareglow.  This doesn't have a permanent home either, but I love it.

The final one is a hilarious bread shield made for Wun-Dar because - oh crap, I never explained Wun-Dar, did I?  Well I'll do the full run-down when I focus on him, but basically for a long time he was called Wonder Bread He-Man, because people thought he was an exclusive plain repaint of He-Man offered by Wonder Bread - hence the Wun-Dar name for him now.  The Shield is an extension of that and is DELICULOUS.

Go buy Spy Monkey things.


  1. Nothing pains me more than knowing I missed out on the toast shield! Well, that's not true. Things pain me more. But my lack of toast shield doesn't help.

  2. Oh god I knew about Spy Monkey but I never saw the bread shield.
    I take back what I said on an earlier post. I need AT LEAST THREE Wun-Dars, yesterday.