Sunday, July 8, 2012

Megator (Aug. '11) along with Leech and Hurricane Hordak (Sept. '11)

No pics of Megator!  Promise I'll do some at one point.  Anyway, he's the Bad Guy giant and he's all green and monstrous.  He also comes with an alternate zombie head, because he died in the past and the Snake Men bring him back from the dead to fight again.  Sooo...awesome!  Giant zombie!

Next is Leech; a favorite when I was a kid.  The original has a suction cup face, and a button on his back allowed you to stick the face to things.  'Cause he's a leech.  His hands were also cups, but they didn't stick to anything.  Anyway, he was a big figure with kinda thin arms, so they did that here, too.  Looks fantastic!

Hordak finally gets his variant, and it's Hurricane Hordak!  The original had a straight arm in which you could plug weapons, and a dial on the back could be spun with your thumb to make the weapons on his arm spin.  He doesn't do this, of course....but for some reason the molded the giant immobile dial on his back.  I mean, if they had somehow made it look like spikes or something I think it would have been cool, but as it is it just looks like a...giant dial on his back.  EH...I'll talk about it when I can show it off.  For now, I did some comics with him:

This Hordak is cool, though his whole torso and armor is vac metal, like the original.  It was cute back in the day, but I know this guy will end up with a scratch or two somewhere down the line.  I think I would have just liked gold-painted plastic instead.  Ah well - not as bad as I thought, at least.

Otherwise, the figure is a cool look for Hordak, and when there aren't any attachments on his arm he has an awesome gun arm! idea why Hordak is so uptight.


  1. The guy's on a TV show crawling with attractive drama queens who may or may not be armed with overactive harassment lawyers, ya know. I wouldn't be surprise if he's been served just for breathing near Catra.

    1. Yeah, Catra seems like the sue-happy type. I wouldn't blame Hordak for being careful with the jokes (even though Adora was cool with it). Besides, he's still recovering from the whole Grizzlor Suit Scandal.