Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Joke for Big Country

There's a dude on named Big Country, and we've spoken quite a few times.  We agree on many things, save for The New Adventures of He-Man and the toyline that went with it (I love 'em, he don't).  I think he has rethought his stance on the figures recently, but mostly because NA figures always turn out awesome when they are reworked for the MotUC line. 

Anyway, he did a setup of Skeletor figures and neglected NA Skeletor.  I responded with this:

The crazy-ass gold, black, neon orange, and metallic blue Skeletor is a repaint of the 200X Skeletor that the fans have affectionately named Disco Skeletor.  Before that, I had dubbed him Midnight Rave Skeletor.  Since the majority goes with Disco, I too adopted the name.  I think he's the least popular but...well there's a certain point where something is so bad that it's good, and I think Disco Skeletor fits the bill.  I think he's awesome.  I will always back Disco Skeletor for an eventual release in MotUC.  It will be glorious.

...oh yeah, that last one is Snake Crush Skeletor; also from 200X.  He is hilarious.  Love him.  That is an order.


  1. BAH hahaha. I can't wait for the disco-flavored whining. Good god, I forgot about Disco's ridiculous blue hands and feet, like he is just wearing black body paint. How was that figure released, anyway? Was he at mass retail?
    When MOTUC Grayskull comes out, you need to make a comic about all the shunned 200X variants storming the Jawbridge, only to be repelled by Castle Grayskullman. Or maybe they just immediately get inside and defend it from the other figures, while simultaneously having a disco rave party in the throne room.
    Awesome? Y/Y

    1. Yeah he was a mass release; I found him at Toys R Us, if memeory serves. There was a few wacky repaints at the time, but none more insane than Disco Skeletor. I knew I had to have him as soon as I saw him. You don't pass up insanity like that.

      Anyway, I'm still running through Grayskull jokes for it's (hopefully) eventual release. I dunno what I'm gona do yet, but honestly, I need to do more with Disco Skeletor in general!

  2. The worse thing about Disco Skeletor was how he represented, full-stopped, the whole fail and AIDS of the 2002 line was in terms of how badly Mattel blotched it. Disco Skeletor was a mass release, put together specifically BECAUSE scalpers had bought up all of the original release of regular Skeletor when he was released. But no one wanted such a recolor abortion or his snake counterpart version, but they were the only versions ones could find easily on the shelf.

    Worse, was that these variants (and He-Man's respective variants) were given obscenely high ration inclusion in cases, while pretty much everyone else were one per case, meaning you had these fuckers clogging up shelves across the country while everyone people wanted were impossible to find unless you paid obscene mark-up scalpers were demanding for them.

    1. Wow, I only saw Disco Skeletor the one time! Bought him RIGHT quick, 'cause I wasn't gona pass up that majesty.

      Anyway, I can't confirm any of that, but I certainly agree that there was an absolute GLUT of variants of Skeletor and He-Man. In fact, I can mark the collecting of 200X He-Man figures as the major thing that put a halt on my regular toy hunting days. Of course...that's a good thing. Don't need to be driving all over the place for toys, honestly. Still, the sheer crazy amount of searching you had to do for ONE figure that wasn't He-Man or Skeletor was so ridiculous that I eventually gave up. Heck, I only grabbed Roboto a couple years back - never saw him or Fisto or a LOT on the shelves. It's sad, 'cause the toyline is still one of my faves and I won't be gettin' rid of any of them.

      ...but I'll always love Disco Skeletor. That thing is solidified insanity.