Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Patchouliman (May '12)

Stinkor!  Enemy to Moss Man.  Moss Man smells like pine, and Stinkor smells like...well, patchouli.  Don't know what patchouli smells like?  Well scratch the above picture and sniff your screen!

...nothing?  Well, sometimes it takes awhile for that program to work.  Anyway, if you've ever walked into one of those incense shops or those shops that sell rocks and...well they're kinda the same shop.  Anyway, if you smell Stinkor, it smells like one of those shops.  I'm sure it smelled "bad" back in the day, because he was supposed to smell bad and our little brains just went with it.  However, unless the smell of patchouli bothers you, he pretty much smells good.  I know my wife loves 'em!  The name of this post is the name she gave him from here on out: Patchouliman. 


So here we are with Stinkor!  If you're wondering about the different looks...well then you haven't been looking at the rest of the MotUC posts.  The one on the left is 200X Stinkor (more or less), and the one on the right is vintage Stinkor.  Of course, the reality for the "200X" one is that he's more of a merging of vintage and 200X, since he only has some items from the statue.  Vintage Stinkor just had the shield, while the 200X one had some tanks on his back and a thing on his mouth.

Oh, and...um this:

Bettcha didn't notice that, eh?  The little red dot on the vintage one can be replaced with that handle thingy for the 200X look.  Neat, but also completely ignored on the package, so I've read a few reviews where people had NO idea what to do with that thing!  Might have helped to say it on the package somewhere. 

Anyway, the MotUC version has also been given a brand new item:

A Stank Blaster!  Er...well I'm calling it a Stank Blaster.  I dunno what it's officially called (also, I think it's brand new.  Might have been on the 200X toon; not sure). 

I assume it shoots poo gas.

Finally, of course, the vintage Stinkor just used a repainted Mer-Man head.

So they give you that.  The second head may seem like a pointless addition, since it's so similar, but I friggin' love it.

Because it's terrifying!  Look at that sucker!  So angry!  His power is stank, but with that head I think he'll be scaring people so bad that they wouldn't be able to tell if he stank, or if it was because they just crapped their own pants.

I also think there's enough of a difference to warrant it.  Quite a different look!

Now...what you're seeing there with the heads is different from what I got in the package, originally.  You see, when I got my figure, both of the heads were a little...screwy.  The vintage head looked like this:

And the 200X head....

...had no pupils.  Now of course, I could have painted the eyes on there. I'm not much of a painter, but I'm sure I could have managed.  But...well you can see that is a pretty awesome mistake!  I knew I had to keep it.  Still, I wanted normal heads as well.  So thankfully I knew this figure would have fans that wanted only the vintage look or only the 200X look - and I was right!  I asked around for anyone that didn't want either their 200X head or the vintage head, and my evil buddy (who graciously allows me to live) Benedict Judas Hel over at He-Man.org provided his 200X head (and the extra tank and mask, which I may repaint as diving gear for Mekaneck later).  Then a friendly Nekk-Ra (also at He-Man.org) provided the vintage head, completing my figure! 

Now I can do things like this!

Don't forget to sniff your Stinkors folks! 


  1. Poo gas....why does it always have to be poo gas.

  2. I always thought Stinkor smelled good too, even as a kid. It's one of those classic childhood smells that you never forget. As a toy collector it's up there with Moss Man and new-figure-smell. Which is ironic because new-figure-smell actually does smell pretty bad when it's more potent!

  3. Vintage Stinkor is pure genius in toy design. It's crazy how they took Mer-Man and Mekaneck and mashed them together to make something so unique.
    I always used to have him using his stink to melt walls and stuff like that. The blue shield had a force projector so he could fill a place with caustic stink, then turtle up until the carnage was over.

    1. Good plans! I never had 'em so I wasn't able to make up stuff for him, but I like those uses for him. Seems like a stink bad enough should be able to melt things.

      Anyway yeah, I love how the MotU toyline was also a sort of designer toyline like they have today. You know, stuff like Mighty Muggs or the many blind boxed figures from Kidrobot. They make a buck and paint it differently from figure to figure. There were many parts in MotU, but you swap some and paint them in an interesting way and you get someone else!

    2. I actually kind of missed the body reuse and almost modular feel of vintage MOTU during the 200X line, so I was pleased to see it return in MOTUC.