Friday, July 6, 2012

There's a Snake in My B...body. My Whole Body (Mar. '11)

Time for a new faction leader!  What do you do when Skeletor gets stale and Hordak is pretty much She-Ra's enemy?  Make a new faction!  THE SNAKE MEN.....WoOoOoOo!  Yeah, I dunno about you, but it never sounds all that impressive.  These guys are supposed to be really powerful, and I never understood why.  There are a lot of them, sure, but how are they any more powerful than any of the other crazy monster people on Eternia? 

Ah well, anyway: King Hsss leads the Snake Men, and you may wonder why this human dude is leading them.  Here, watch a vintage commercial:

As you can see, King Hsss is actually a man (and apparently he sounds like a warbly cat monster?).  Duh.  Anyway, with the vintage one you pulled his arms off and snapped open his body (two halves) and revealed the pile of snakes underneath!  I loved that.  I can't even remember using King Hsss as the creepy bastard that he is; I just remember playing with his feature over and over.  That, and I loved how having a figure hit him enough would eventually knock off the parts and slowly reveal the snake.  I mean, he's supposed to look like a dude so he takes you off guard, but I always liked the idea that you'd be fighting him and his skin would be tearing off as you go and BAM - horrible snake monster.

Well...sadly, they can't really do the same removable items and have a fully poseable figure.  I'm sure you understand.  So what they did here was make his torso pop completely off and have it replaced with the snake torso.

The joke here (other than utter ridiculousness) is that in King Hsss's original mini comic, he surprises He-Man by shaking his hand.  He-Man obliges, and pulls off Hsss's skin and OMG SNAKES.  Works a little differently when the whole torso comes off.

Now I'm not saying this is a bad thing!  Makes for a good joke, but that doesn't mean I don't like it.  I'd say it was the best option, 'cause though I think some action features could stick around, I like the idea of finally having a version of this guy that moves a little more. 

Now I don't think I took a pic of his staff all together, but I did find out that you can take it apart!  It's not supposed to come apart, but it was easy to do.

That snake normally wraps around the staff.  Otherwise, he comes with a shield.  Nothing extra; just his original stuff, since most of his tooling dollars had to go to two different torsos (and a way to detach them).

Last thing I did with this guy was mess around with his vintage figure's parts...

Th....they don't fit.

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