Thursday, July 5, 2012

February 2011 and the Pics Not Taken

So February 2011's figures were another batch where I just didn't take pics...except for Bow.  Oh yes, totally did a comic for Bow. But lets start with the lesser beings:

I think I've forgotten to explain that getting the MotUC subscription (like subscribing to a magazine, only you totally get toys) gives you a sub exclusive figure.  The first one was Wun-Dar.  The second was this doofy lookin' He-Man from an unfinished minicomic.  The original minicomic was supposed to be the introduction of the toyline He-Ro was going to be a part of, and you can sorta see a shadowy He-Ro (with a prototype staff) at the end.  He-Man looks like this because he had to go back to the past and he needed a disguise.  I the Snake Men (who would return in He-Man's time, which is why he went back - to find out how they were defeated originally) didn't recognize him later on.  I don't know, really.  It's not like the disguise matters, because he's still using his very distinct Power Sword!  So who knows.  Anyway, I didn't think this look really deserved a figure we are.  If nothing else, the figure does look like a cool, generic bandit.  I haven't found a use for his parts yet, but I still may.

But hey, who cares!  This was a great excuse to give us a toy version of the Cosmic Key from the live action He-Man movie!!  AWESOME!!  The figure was worth it for that alone, though I bought the sub, so I got 'em no matter what. 

And, of course...I took no pics.

Next one is a Shadow Beast.

I actually wasn't terribly impressed with this when I saw it, and I had planned on selling him.  When I got 'em out of the package, though, I of course liked him.  I knew it would happen.  You just don't get too many monstrous figures nowadays, so it's pretty impressive in-hand!  He may still be a sell sometime in the future, but for now I'll keep him.

Anyway, he's an army builder, but I doubt many people spent the cash on multiples of this guy.  He appeared in both the original cartoon and the 200X one as pretty much a pack of beasts that thrive in the dark.  This one comes with a cool wooden club with metal spikes bolted to it, though sadly he has trouble holding it.  If you gave this to a kid, the club would be tossed across the room as the kid tried to have the toy swing it.

Now lets move on to Bow.

Bow is the only male in the old Princess of Power toyline.  He came with a bow and quiver, and the new one comes with those items (the quiver is now fixed to his back) and one more item: a stringed instrument, since he's a bard of some sort on the cartoon. 

The original toy had removable armor, and his main body kinda looked like the new figure here.  The new armor is based on the toon look, but it is a bit of a mix of his toy and toon look.  I do wish he still came with the original armor, but this is good enough.  Anyway, the original toy had a tab on his back; when you pressed it, the heart on his chest would "beat."  It showed that he liked She-Ra, I guess.  So Bow has a heart on his chest!  This of course, would not go down well with all the MANLY collectors of this toyline, so they gave you an option to remove the heart and replace it with a red dot.  I decided to keep the heart, but only because I like the idea of him sort of referencing a deck of cards.  That and he seems like sort of a ladies man.

Now I don't show it here, but he also comes with two heads.  One clean shaven and wearing a circlet (his original figure look) and one without the circlet and sporting a very "Robin Hood" moustache (his toon look).  I opted for the clean shaven one, obviously.  I actually had his original figure back in the day, so there is a certain nostalgia for it.  Of course, back then, I had no idea who he was!  He was accessoryless and badly worn; also he was given to me by someone who called him a variation on Prince Adam, but I knew that wasn't true.  Anyway, it was years later when I finally found out who he was.

The point is that I like the classic head.  It's nostalgic but...also...I dunno.  Maybe you won't agree, but he looks like such a jerk!  Like a smart-ass ladies man jerk.  I find it hilarious. 


No idea where this came from.  Like I said: Bow just looks like a hilarious jerk to me.  Beyond that, though: Bow is a fantastic figure and is a fine example of how anything in MotUC turns out awesome.  Barely anyone will agree, but Bow is a must-have.


  1. The origin of your childhood Bow reminds me of the kid who told me he "won" his Sharkticon in a "contest." Because I knew he was a liar, I asked him what was supposed to go in the empty socket where the Sharkticon's tail/mace should have been. He told me it fired a missile.

    1. Funny how all that played out back in the day. There were so many rumors and origins of toys (not to mention all the fake video game cheats) and now it's pretty much all over with. Not that I mind. The internet brings many things, and it's the reason I know anything about the toys I have today. Still...the mystery is gone. And the outright lies. Those too.