Friday, July 6, 2012

Purple Kitty (Apr. '11)

You can tell that I was getting tired of the pictorials by this point, because I just wasn't taking a ton of pics for the figures from here on out.  I did jokes when I thought of them, but otherwise I just did my packaged shots like this. 

This figure is just as good as Battle Cat, though!  This one is Panthor; Skeletor's ride.  The original was flocked like Moss Man, so he was good for petting slowly while sitting in a large chair and monologuing about your evil plans.  That, and he was just the same as Battle Cat but with purple fuzzies!  Thankfully the Four Horsemen know how to keep things interesting and they gave Panthor a new headsculpt (once again; I didn't take pics, but side by side shots show it off) and even molded a cool new helmet for him that the original figure never had!  You'll see it in the random comic I made below; it's based on Skeletor's Havoc Staff. 

This Panthor was not flocked on purpose so as to show off all the sculpting detail, and I fully back that idea.  I'm sure he would have looked neat flocked, but I'm not sure it would have worked as well as Moss Man.  With Moss Man they didn't flock the joints, but it looked natural because he's a plant man and it just seemed...right.  With Panthor it would just look like the poor thing has mange or something. 

So yeah: cool figure!  Here's a comic pretty much unrelated to him.

I friggin' love that new helmet!  It's damned brilliance!


  1. When the hell did Onslaught ever look like that? I'm down on my Marvel comics history.

    1. I think that was his look right before he turned into the humanoid form? I dunno; it's crazy that they chose that form for his build-a-figure. I mean SO many people said the same thing you did. Why that one? No one knows that form. Just friggin' mold the awesome humanoid form! Yeesh.

    2. He looks like a Garthim.
      (Toy Biz sure made a lot of weird choices over the years, man.)