Saturday, July 7, 2012

SDCC 2011 and the No Pics (Aug. '11)

Ugh..almost pointless to talk about this without any pics.  There's so much to show! 

Well this is Queen Marlena/Capt. Glenn, since you can barely tell.  She's married to King Randor.  Reason she's a space captain is that she's *SUSPENSEFUL PAUSE* from Earth!  Story: Marlena Glenn is a space captain and she's off doing space things, then she somehow crashes on Eternia, meets MAN KING - er, King Randor, and is all Queened up as a result.  And impregnated with Twins of Destiny or whatever. 

There, you're all caught up!  The SDCC exclusive comes with both a dress and the captain suit to make her a 50's Sci-Fi Action Space Girl or a boring and nearly immobile Queen.  This was a fantastic idea, because if it was just Queen Marlena then the figure would have been a boring standing-there figure.  With the captain gear you get this awesome retro space vixen!  On top of that, the rifle she comes with is molded off of the laser rifles used in the live-action He-Man movie.  Score! 

Finally, Marlena comes with a staff, sword, and Cringer; the alter ego of Battle Cat.  You know, that cowardly green cat from the old cartoon who JUST KEPT TALKING.  Man, what a terrible voice.  So glad that poor cat monster didn't speak in the 200X toon.

Basically this pack is FULL of stuff!  Great exclusive all around.

The second exclusive was the last DC vs MotUC pack: Battle Armor Faker vs Bizzaro!  This was a cool pack because I love Faker, and...well heck, why not give him some battle armor? 

Now, amazingly enough, I did not take a package shot for this guy.  WEIRD.  No idea why.  I did do some of this, though:

As you can see, Faker is just wearing an orange version of Skeletor's Battle Armor - which is all Faker ever does, so it's perfect!  Well, actually I would have liked the black on the armor to match Skeletor's, but I still like how bright it is, so I can't complain. 

Only other thing I did was a random battle with He-Man, because I realized that with my first Faker, the reissue (because my first one had a bum ankle and a hard-to-move right arm) and this one, I had a good batch of Fakers!

This batch of pics was actually never posted on any forums or even set up for use, 'cause at the time I didn't post much but the jokes.  So these have just gotten the simple resize treatment and thrown up here 'cause it's the only stuff I had for Battle Armor Faker. 

So he's a cool figure, and I'm glad to have a Faker variant around.  Pretty cool that he was popular enough for one!  Oh, also: that's obviously the axe and shield from the Weapons Pak 2; this Faker just came with a sword like normal.


  1. I hate Faker, I've always hated Faker, and I've never understood how anyone can like Faker.

    ...and then I see a photo of three of him fighting He-Man and HOLY SHIT I WANT THREE FAKERS.

    1. The way someone can LOVE Faker is when someone like me exists - a man who has always been obsessed with evil robot versions of the main hero. It all started with Faker! Dunno what it was; he was a christmas present from my Uncle and pretty much the last of my original He-Man guys (you can tell 'cause my original Faker is not chewed and pretty much perfect). The figure just amazed me. It was insane...a blue and orange He-Man wearing Skeletor's armor. I don't know how to explain my excitement from back then, but I can still feel it now. Like a wave of awesome breaking on the beach that was my little kid brain.

      Anyway yeah - you need three Fakers!

    2. I can dig that. I was inordinately enamored with the episode of ThunderCats wherein Mumm-Ra transformed into an identical Lion-O but with red clothes or some such and it always bitterly disappointed me that they never made a toy out of him.

    3. Man, I would have LOVED that! I watched Thundercats but I guess I never ran into that episode.