Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Spy Monkey Wants your Money, and I Want You to Give it to Them

So I've spoken about Spy Monkey and their custom weapons before.  I've also told you about how you can't get the ones I showed you.  "ALEXX!", you shout toward my chiseled, handsome and dapper visage.  And I tell you to please, lower your voice.  You'll wake the tigers.  So you continue in a reverent whisper: "What can we buy from Spy Monkey Creations?"

Why these, of course.

What they're selling now is a wonderful collaboration of Glyos and weaponry.  I don't have time to go over Glyos now (though a friend of mine most certainly will at some point) but they are one of the most interesting and fun independent toys out there right now.  They're small, pop apart into multiple interchangeable pieces, and they can be mixed in so many ways that you can make whole other figures out of a small handful of them. 

Well, Spy Monkey did something similar, only they are weapons!  Modular weapons, in fact.  All the parts use the exact same Glyos ports, so they are fully interchangeable.  Still, don't feel that you need one or the other to enjoy them; they work on their own!

Case in point: If you get even one set of the Spy Monkey Armory series, you have a ton of options!  It goes without saying that more sets add more options, and further sets add even more, and Glyos figures will risk exploding your brain with the possibilities!  Heck, as I said, you don't even need to mix products to get something amazing.  Look what the creator of Glyos did with just the Spy Monkey product!  So not only do you have any weapon you can think of - but why not build some robots?  You name it, honestly!

So I bought three sets and had a little fun.  Not much, but I sadly cannot claim that my brain can wrap around the amazingly complex choices you have with these sets:

There will be way more things that I've got planned, but they'll have to wait.  That was basically just the first things I did with the sets.  The main point is that you should be giving Spy Monkey your money, and you should be smiling while doing so.

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