Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Horrible Green Giant or Evil-Lyn Needs Some Sun (Dec. '11)

I will do a full pictorial on Demo-Man because this guy is the shit, but for now I'll just keep doin' how I do and post what I did when I got 'em. 

Which was do a joke with the new Skeletor head he came with.

Wait, why did Skeletor get another head with this figure?  Well first of all: Demo-Man is like Vikor, and is based on an early drawing for a concept for Skeletor.  So...I guess they thought it would be cool to include an alternate interpretation of Skeletor's skull, which is from the early minicomics.  It's called the Alcala Head because the artist for those old comics was a guy named Alfredo Alcala.  In case you couldn't guess from that creepy-as-hell face and the old minicomics: Alcala was a badass.

So Demo-Man is awesome and he provided an item to make Skeletor even more awesome!  The whole package is SO awesome that I'm totally gona give Demo-Man his dues on a post sometime in the future.  For now...

This was the other figure I got in December of 2011.  And you can't see her!  Alright, I'll snap a few shots:


"Battleground" Evil-Lyn (I think the battleground thing is story related and an easy way to make variants that were never really variants, but alternate interpretations) is a repaint of Evil-Lyn.  This one is in her 200X colors!

Of course, 200X Evil-Lyn actually had a whole different dress.  People were asking for this 200X dress for a 200X Evil-Lyn, but we got this instead.  On one hand: I like 200X Evil-Lyn, I wanted that look for her, and now I'm not sure if we'll get her because of this figure.  On the other hand: I like this figure, the colors look good on the classic clothes, and she comes with enough stuff to make me happy with the repaint. 

So yeah!  Dunno how I feel, honestly.  In the long run I love the figure, but it's strange that they decided to do this rather than wait until they could provide the tooling dollars to get her the new clothes. 

I love toys though, so I can easily focus on the junk that I love.  For instance: the head without the helmet!  Awesome!  Also, she has an alternate staff top that glows in the dark!  Double awesome!  Glow in the dark stuff will always get me, though.  Finally, they gave her a cape, which she has on-and-off throughout the original cartoon and the 200X cartoon. 

Oh yeah...and perhaps you've noticed how the vintage styled Lyn is Simpsons skin while this one is much more...not yellow at all.  Pale.  Why is this?  Your guess is as good as mine!  The 200X cartoon made her pale, as did the vintage cartoon.  The only thing that made Evil-Lyn yellow was her toy and related toy comics 'n such.  The bios also don't mention the skin change, other than the fact that she learned all kinds of dark magic in the vintage-styled bio, and that she was "stripped of her powers" in the 200X-styled bio.  So perhaps the "dark magic" made her yellow, and being stripped of it made her pale?  Who knows!  I've got my own story ideas anyway.


  1. Hmm, think I prefer the pale skinned version. Also, does that last pic of her remind anyone else of Mariska Hargitay?

  2. Demo-Man is one of the weaker efforts in my opinion, but I love love love BG Evil Lynn. She might be my favorite female figure the Horsemen have ever sculpted.