Friday, July 6, 2012

The Spinny Guy with the Radar Chest (Apr. '11)

I remember him now, but I think I kept forgetting this guy's name when I was a kid.  Think I called him tornado a lot, but mostly he was just that spinny guy.  'Cause you know - that's what I did with him!  Sy-Klone's feature was a small dial on his waist; you spin it with your thumb, and his top half spins around!  His arms were loose when moving outward, so they would always splay out when he spun, so he could punch suckas, spinny style.

'Course the other major thing you notice about Sy-Klone is that funky space radar on his chest.  Yet another one of the confusing vintage guys.  All signs pointed to him being a robot: Radar chest, ability to completely spin his waist 360 degrees, and he was blue.  Granted, Skeletor is blue, but so is Faker, and he's a robot!  The radar was what did it, though.  Turns out he's not a robot.  Bah!  He is in my mind. 

Anyway the radar was always a crazy addition to this guy.  What the hell does it have to do with anything?  The poor guy never really got an explanation either: his vintage minicomic (that he shared with Spikor) never explained anything, and he was colored wrong and his chest radar wasn't even a radar.  Heck, while we're on it, Spikor was holding his trident arm too!  Was the artist even informed about the toys at all?

So we're left with a possible robot whose power is tornados and spinning, and oh-yeah-ALSO he has a radar on his chest in case someone else needs to use it.  'Cause he ain't gona use it himself.  "Guys, guys!  Something is going on in space!!  Look at my radar and tell me what's happening!"

Of course I find this hilarious, and beyond all my complaining I once again have to say that I love the figure.  He was fun to spin, and I liked that radar!  It was lenticular and you could see the little radar spin and look for things...or whatever.  So he's sort of a prime example of this-is-cool-put-this-on-here.  No need for explanations: it's just cool.

The only pics I did of Sy-Klone was this joke:

Yeah, many of the vintage figure's legs are held on with these rubber pieces.  As you know: rubber can deteriorate over time.  Many guys still have their legs, but some obviously do not.  That's the amputee bag.  Hordak is headless because...well I took it off him.  I was experimenting!  I wanted to use his body for something back in the day, but it turned out that putting a head back on was hard so I didn't take anyone else's head off and Hordak was just...ruined.

Anyway, since I didn't show it off: Sy-Klone comes with his vintage yellow shield, and a 200X ring that fits on his back.  The ring on the 200X one didn't come off, but this one does - and it fits in his hand!  May not sound cool from looking at it, but it makes for some cool poses.  I'll certainly be going back to this guy sometime, because I really like him.  No idea why.  He's obnoxiously bright, makes no sense, and....wait, that's pretty much why I like him.  So there we go!


  1. As a kid I always thought he was some sort of robotic version of He-Man. I wasn't familiar with Faker and I thought Sy-Klone's face looked kinda like He-Man's.
    Later, Sy-Klone became my resident Master of Wind Powers, which was pretty much validated in the 200X series. I have nothing but nostalgia for Sy-Klone's episodes on the show, especially the one where Roboto has an existential crisis.
    (Also I never had questions about the radar because mine didn't have it! Poor guy.)

    1. Yeah I didn't really give him much of a character until later years; he was kinda like Buzz-Off in that his action feature was my prime way of playing with him (although Buzz-Off's feature wasn't flapping, but you get me).

      Nowadays I really like him for what he could possibly be, and like you I liked his characterization in the 200X series. Still...that radar. It'll never get a good explaination.