Tuesday, July 10, 2012

KHAAAAANN!! (Mar. '12)

Almost caught up to the present!  This was March's figure, Kobra Khan.  He came out originally before the Snake Men, so he was kinda on both sides.  He was with Skeletor originally, then I suppose he was with the Snake Men.  'Cause he's a snake man. 

Anyway, since we're so close to catching up with the present I decided to snap more photos of guys I don't plan to focus on for awhile.  Kobra Khan is one of them, though he's not any less cool because of it.

Kobra Khan was one of those water-spraying toys that annoyed pets and parents for years.  From monsters, to Eco Warriors, to ghosts and the classic guns - things that spray water have been popular and annoying for longer than I can remember.  Khan here was pretty simple: you pulled off his head, put in the water, replaced the head, and pushed down on it like a spray bottle or a soap dispenser.  Voila!  Soap!  I mean...water!  He was supposed to stun enemies with it.  When they were stunned...well, why not shoot them?

He originally came with Zodac's gun, but thankfully they remolded it a bit to look a little bit like his 200X gun.  Also from his 200X figure is an alternate head with a hood - you know, like a cobra!

I thought this was a cool addition, since the poor guy never looked a thing like a cobra...or heck, even a snake.  He was almost more lizard-like to me (though I never had the original). 

Finally, he came with his little lizard/snake fellow from the 200X toon.  It was usually on his shoulder or something like that. 

Little background on the name of the lizard: It's called Fang officially, but when Pixel Dan (toy reviewer extraordinaire) was talking to Toyguru (brand manager of MotUC) about the name of the lizard, Dan jokingly asked to have it called Pixel, which Toyguru jokingly agreed.  And of course, everyone jokingly took it to heart; as have I!

I can't help calling it Pixel now. 

Anyway, Khan was a cool and detailed figure!  Nothing to jump out of your seat for, but certainly no slouch.