Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Many Faces of Man-E-Faces (Aug. '11)

OH MAN - another freak!  And this one is a doozy, I tell ya.  Man-E-Faces is the king of the idea that if you put a bunch of cool things together, then you get something cool out of the collaboration.  This is one of those guys where I swear they just sculpted something they thought boys would like and added a feature that they knew would be fun, but then just slapped any old story to him afterward.

So here's the toy: He looks like a cyborg with a bunch of pipes coming out of him and Trap-Jaw legs and arms to really hammer in the cyborg look.  On his shoulders sits a massive headcase with a purple dial on top.  You twist that, and you get one of three faces: Man, Monster, and Robot.  What do you think?  Awesome?  You're damn right.

Now what do you think the story behind this guy could possibly be?  Some sort of freak experiment resulting in the mixture of man, monster, and robot?  Maybe something like Frankenstein?  Maybe he was a robot first and the monster and man were added in?  Something cool like that?

Nah...he was an actor.  Okay, not bad.  Oh wait he normally wears that crazy suit.  As an actor.  That's just what he wears.  And the many faces?  It was a spell by Skeletor; in fact, Skelly's spell just gave Man-E the monster face, as in he turned him into a monster.  The Sorceress tried to change him back to human, but Skeletor wanted him to be a monster, so they tangled by changing him back and forth and back and forth until BAM - he became both!  With one in the middle to be neutral...a robot face?  Sure, why not. 

So yeah, that's dumb.  Here's some jokes.

Found out you can fit other heads in there!  The original Man-E-Faces had an enclosed headcase, but this one can be removed, because he comes with an extra swappable tri-head piece: it has a He-Man face, a Skeletor face, and an Orko face!  A very cool addition, and one that I didn't photograph because I was doing this:

Ha ha ho ho OKAY Alexx, take some detailed pics of this guy!  Well why not?  Because you found out that King Hsss's legs have the same connector as Man-E's heads?  Oh good.  How useful.  What could you possibly do with that inform----


This is what counts for passing the time in the world of Alexx.


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    1. I'm so glad they used the same connection point for his head and Hsss' legs. So glad.