Friday, July 6, 2012

Mer-Man vs Aquaman...?

Well, He-Man already fought Superman, and they threw Skeletor and Lex Luthor why not? 

And heck, these exclusive Toys R Us two packs were great ways to get interesting repaints of MotUC figures!  ...and completely normal and not repainted DC figures that you may already have.

Aquaman.  What can I even say about Aquaman?


So this is the second player colors for Mer-Man!  Okay no, these are the blue colors Mer-Man is seen with in the old minicomics.  Neat!  I didn't feel any special need for this, but I knew I couldn't pass it up.  Mer-Man is just that good of a figure!  Also...dammit, he's just so happy!

I freakin' love that face matched with the open hand.  I think he's supposed to have this terrifying underwater fishman demon face, but...he is just the perfect greeter.  I would not turn away from that face.  I would wave right back, and my day would be brighter for it. 

Anyway, comic:

Aquaman will never defeat Mer-Man!  Because Aquaman is a dork.


  1. Defense: The only reason people think Aquaman is a dork is because of his portrayel on Super Friends, in which he got the shortest end of an already extremely short stick! The guy was pretty cool even before he lost his hand, took off his shirt and grew a beard in the 90s. He'll just never live down that damn cartoon.

    1. Counter: I never watched that cartoon, I just thought he was a dork from the moment I saw him. Shirtless, handless days included. Well, actually those days were even MORE hilarious. I remember first seeing that in toy form, and I wanted it just because of how hilarious it was. I was young then, but the fact that they were hardening his look and trying WAY too hard was not lost on me. That was an Aquaman that was prepared to Escape from New York or something.

      So yeah, I know he's got super strength and his powers go way beyond just talking to fish, but I still think he's a dork.

  2. OK, fair enough. I think you're remembering the Total Justice Aquaman, which came from a line that tried too hard as a matter of principle - seriously, do you remember all the ridiculous armor those figures came with?

    1. I actually miss those days! Everyone came with ridiculous armor back then. The best part was when Superman came with ANYTHING but himself. I mean...just anything. They gave him some leeway when he was coming back from the dead and there were tons of versions (and he um...fought Doomsday again in some sorta fantasy gear with a sword...?) but otherwise I always thought it was hilarious to see him with armor and a missile launcher.

    2. Like this one?

    3. HA! Yes, just like that. I love the targeter too; like he'd need something like that. Like he hasn't thrown a missile with his bare hands straight as an arrow MANY times.

      Ah're so boring.