Thursday, July 5, 2012

Never Look Up Around a Giant In a Loincloth (Feb '11)

TYTUS.  Big.  80's metal hair.  Comes with a hair dryer.  All these things speak of the might of a giant...dude. 

Tytus came out originally in May of 2010, but I missed him due to a site error when ordering.  If you know of the MotUC toyline, then you've probably heard of all the annoyances of ordering from the Mattycollector website.  Well...tell ya the truth, out of ALL the figures so far, Tytus is the only one I missed due to an error.  All the other orders I made on the day of sale were tense, but I always got what I wanted (not like Hasbro's site on SDCC exclusive day, when the thing shuts down and luck is the only winner).  So though I missed him due to an annoying error, I can still say that was my only one.

On top of that: Tytus was mostly one of those buys where you say "Well...I've got everything else in the line.  Might as well get this."  I wasn't all that excited for him, but I still ordered him on his re-release date of February in 2011.  Other than just getting him 'cause I've got the rest, I also wanted him because I knew they would make his nemesis, Megator, and I thought Megator looked way cooler!  I knew I wouldn't want Megator without someone for him to stomp on, so....Tytus!

So a couple of things make Tytus boring: #1) He's just a giant dude.  Nothin' special.  Doesn't even have that interesting of a getup.  Kinda looks like He-Man, a little.  #2) His weapon is supposed to be a "hammer", but the bottom is open and it originally trapped and picked up figures.  Now it's just for show (dunno why they didn't put rubber pieces on the inside of the bottom, but oh well) and it really only fits over other figure's heads.  And you don't really want to do that, because the plastic can scratch the figure's face paint.  So it's ugly and useless!  I tried to find something else to use...

I think pretty much any other weapon you can put in his hands makes him look ten times better.  'Course I didn't take pics of his hair dryer at the time, so you can't really tell.

The only other thing I did with Tytus at the time was tell a joke.  It's based on the fact that Mattel sorta uses longer loincloths for figures that are supposed to be in the "past", like King Grayskull, Hordak, or Moss Man.  I don't think it's a rule, but it works for most.  Anyway:

HAHA.  Pendulous.


  1. Fortunately I haven't been collecting this line long enough to have had any serious Digital River problems. By the descriptions, though, I can't tell what's worse: trying to order MOTUC figures at the day of sale, or trying to find non-He-Man/Skeletor figures in 2002-2003. (Seriously a toyline has never stressed me out as much as 200X before or since, except MAYBE the late-end POC and 30th Joe figs.)

    1. Well let me put it in perspective given my experiences with both:

      - I have every MotUC figure so far (within reason; there were some very limited exclusives I don't care about). This comes from before the subscription when I had to fight through the website BEFORE they put in the waiting system. And yet I still only missed one guy, and it was because of a different glitch and not from the usual site crashing or waiting.

      - I eventually got tired of the 200X series and gave up. I just had to be TOO vigilant and honestly, that toyline was the one that started my decline in toyhunting. If I have to be out there RIGHT when the boxes get there and do that calling-the-store bullshit just toget a figure or two, then I don't need 'em.

      So there you go. For me, collecting 200X was WAY more irritating, and the evidence speaks for itself. I've got all the MotUC figures regardless of the website irritation, and there are still some 200X figures out there even now that I still sorta want and NEVER saw in the store back then.

    2. The fact that I don't have the 200X Fisto, my all-time favorite MOTU character, speaks to how damnable collecting that line was. I felt much the same as you did (though I still like to hunt for toys whenever possible - that's how I found two of my three Techno-Vipers, much to my surprise.)

    3. Yeah I gave up on Fisto; last one I bothered with was 200X Roboto, of whom I do not regret. I may still go back for Fisto someday, but I gotta say that the MotUC version has severly lowered my desire for the 200X one.