Monday, July 16, 2012

Zero Cool

So recently The Mega Man Network put up a contest to win a D-Arts Zero v.2 figure.  The rules for the contest were to show the judges how cool your Mega Man collection was; essentially proving that your collection is cool enough for Zero.  As we all know: Zero is bad like the Power Glove, so I had little trouble in finding some sort of joke to simultaneously show off my collection and the coolness factor of Zero.

The next post'll show you how I TOTALLY WON.


  1. oh god dammit does this mean we're gonna have to fight the x-hunters again

    (Also: Wow! Those are some expressive X and Zero figs. What series are they from? The only Mega Man toy I have is the terrible JazzWares Vile from a decade or so ago.)

    1. I better fight some X-Hunters...I want a toy of Agile.

      Anyway, those are from Bandai's D-Arts series. They just started and are doing various video game characters (soon to be doing GUILTY GEAR FIGURES YYEEEAAAAHHH) but the Mega Man line seems to be taking off! So far they've done Mega Man X, Full Armor X (from X1), Zero MKI, Zero MKII, and Vile. Recently they've shown new ones at toy shows: Mega Man (with Rush and Metool), Bass (with Treble), Black Zero MKII, and two prototypes that may or may not be made: Sigma and a Ride Armor for Vile. The Ride Armor looks to be articulated, but Sigma is just a non-articulated statue right now.

      Oh, and HAHAHAHAAaaa ah, man that Jazwares Vile. My first toy of Vile ever. I didn't think there would be any others so I bought it when it first came out (back when TRU was a mess of "islands" that was easy to get lost in). Worst figure I own - and that includes some dollar store figures. That Vile looked like he had been built with whatever random junk they had on hand. They never improved him either, like they did with the other figures. Whoo boy...Jazwares has come a long way, but they still make the most confusing choices when it comes to toys. I swear they just started from scratch and didn't bother to lift thier heads and see what other toys were doing first.

      I'm gona do a special on Vile at some point and dig out the Jazwares monstrosity; probably after the move.