Thursday, January 31, 2019

The January Review: 2018

Here we are again, after I fall off in October somewhere; I always come back with dat January Review! This the very end of January! So to speak. Let's just call it January. Trust me.

Doesn't matter; let's jump in to it!

First major thing I'd like to hit from 2018 is the Death of Toys R Us. The photo above is my son experiencing it at normal operation for the last time. Now, I understand that Toys R Us wasn't special to everyone - there were a lot of folks who were irritated with the outcry at TRU going down. "You didn't care before; so why care now?" Fair enough. My personal experience is different, and that's all there is to it. I have a lot of good memories from childhood; then TRU fell into a bad rut around the early to mid 2000's. They were messy, bad at stocking new items, and at least 4 or 5 dollars more expensive than anyone else. Then, suddenly, they made a HUGE change. They stocked regularly. Cleaned up. Prices became fair. They had a ton of great exclusives. On top of that, when we had our son, the place became indispensable, since they had a mini-Babies R Us in the back of the store, so we were constantly there picking up odds and ends when we needed them in an emergency (our TRU was only a few streets away from us). It became even more of a regular stop than it had been before.

Then all the junk happened with stores closing down - thing was - ours was one of the popular ones, so it had been slated to stay! The last Christmas had been kind to it (plus we're close enough to Canada that it was also a frequent stop for Canadians during Christmas time) so the place was definitely a good candidate for a keeper. BUT....we all know how that ended. Too much debt. Didn't matter how good any of the stores were doing.

For some reason, our TRU went untouched through the rest of the year, after it closed. The lights turned on every night - sign lit up - and all the fixtures were still inside (they even avoided using it for a Halloween USA and instead used the neighboring building). Finally, after Christmas, someone gutted the place and the "for sale" sign went up. The sign is still up and turns on at night, so my boy keeps pointing at it and saying "There! I wana go there!" He still doesn't understand what "closed forever" means, but oh well.

There may be some other still toy stores elsewhere, but for us, this was the last one. No more toy stores. Little bit of simple joy gone up the river.

...and yeah, I know it's not the end of the world. I'm not crying and raging or throwing things over here. We don't need toy stores any more than I need toys. It was just a fun place, and a staple of my childhood. I was kinda hoping it would be a staple of my child's as well.

That said: ON WITH THE TOYS OF 2018!

2018 was certainly the year that dinosaurs roamed the toy isle once more - with similar ferocity to the way they did in the 90's. The Jurassic World movie wasn't quite as good as the original (but hey, none of the sequels are), but it was good enough for a laugh, and definitely a good reason to pile the toy isles with new dino toys! Thankfully, Mattel was more than up to the task, and I was so excited and happy with the figures that I actually REVIEWED them! I KNOW! It takes some real fun toys packed with nostalgia to get me off my butt, lemme tell ya. Naturally, I didn't cover everything, and while most of them can be considered within the same realm of goodness as the stuff I reviewed, one of them stood out, even if I didn't get time to review it.

I know what you're thinking, but no: This isn't the GIANT one that could eat toys. This is just the meager twenty dollar version that I feel like people kinda ignored. Don't get me wrong - the big one is AWESOME (looks awesome, anyway; I've never held it) - but this one is more than enough to sate your T-Rex toy hunger, and at a great price! You're getting a toy much larger than a Marvel Legend, at the same price! It even has some decent articulation and a snapping jaw button on his neck. And he looks great! Lookit that thing! It really stands out.

The T-Rex wasn't the only stand-out figure, though. There was one more that I showed on my instagram account, but never reviewed:

The Indoraptor! Fairly stupid and easily killed in the movie, yes, but it still made for an awesome beastly dino toy.

This thing is PACKED with articulation, looks great, and works with 4 inch or 6 inch figures. It's just a great monster toy! Mattel seems to be repacking it in the next wave of Jurassic World toys, so it shouldn't be hard to find, even now. I would definitely consider adding this to your collection.

This was a year for dinosaurs in more ways than one: It also marked the release of the Beasts of the Mesozoic series. While we were having fun with movie-monster dinos, David Silva was busy sculpting hyper realistic raptors on par with Schleich, but with one important difference: articulation! Lots of it! Plus, the current feathered look in terms of design. There's still some on his site, more to come, and he's currently working on triceratops, so keep tabs on him!

Dinosaurs also lead in to my next little obsession this year:

Freakin' Kinder Eggs, man. Specifically "Kinder Egg Joy", since the basic Kinder Egg is still outlawed in the US for fear of toy-eating children. These are safely separated into two sides - candy side, and toy side - so there's no confusion about what's edible.

Also, the toys inside ROCK.

The Jurassic World franchise spread to the Kinder Eggs, so my last dino toys are tiny dinos in solid colors that have - get this - REMOVABLE SKIN. Yeah, there are skeletons inside! Just like you and me (the removable skin, I mean)! These are brilliant and fun, so I managed to collect the whole set.

Regular Kinder Eggs contain so many different toys, though. These were just the Jurassic World ones (and there are other franchise Eggs too, like Star Wars).

I saw one particular item on the side of the display boxes for the Eggs, so I went on a stupid buying spree (I'm glad the candy inside is pretty good). Thankfully, the various toys inside are so different that you're almost getting something new each time, like the robots and the car above.

THAT is what I was going for, though. Right on the side of the display box is that freakin' mini bicycle. Took forever, but I finally got it. Funnily enough, a friend sent me one right before I found it naturally - in an egg my son got for Easter! That way we both got one, so it all worked out in the end.

It's simple, and I realize there are little toy bikes in the car isle, but dangit, I wanted to get a surprise bike! And I did. So there.

Let's see...what else is in this tiny scale? OH, YOU KNOW.

Yeah, Dianauts. Going from cheap little candy toys to Dianauts - whatever - the segue still counts because they're both small!

Dianauts keep releasing a constant stream of tiny things; I've had to ignore most of it due to other purchases, but I do like to get the little mechs when new ones come around. This time they made a slightly larger mech; standing taller and sporting weapon arms like guns and knives. There's way more to talk about, but I'll just leave it at this little blurb, so you know Dianauts are still around and still pretty amazing (though the highlight, for me, is still the little Dianauts themselves).

While we're on the subject of "tiny" and "Dianauts" I'll stop real quick in indie town at....sort of a look at Third Party Transformers. While these aren't technically Third Party Transformers, they are still related, as they are meant to be pilots for Third Party Transformers. These are "Lost Exo Realm Drivers" by Fansproject. They're meant to mimic the original Dianauts from back in the day; back when they had been meant as pilots for Diaclone vehicles (Diaclone was the series that eventually became Transformers, in a way). Soooo....technically, these are Dianauts too! Just a bit bigger, but still small, and still with magnets in their feet. They come in a pack of six and are surprisingly cheap for a Third Party item. They may not fit in a million things like Dianauts, but they are fun little robots that are definitely worth checking out.

Still hanging out in tiny toy land: Imaginext has been putting out absolutely awesome blind bagged items, and I could go on and on about all of them, but I'll instead point out these two fine examples. First is DEATH...yeah, it's just Death. He's adorable, comes with a scythe, and has light-piping in the eyes (the light goes through this weird little flame on the back of his head, so he could also be a dead Peasant who had been burninated by Trogdor). The second one is the Invisible Man, with a cape and tophat and a bag disguise (not shown). The head and hands are clear! What more could you want?

The only problem with showing these is the fact that distribution for Imaginext Blind Bags is terrible. In most cases, you'll probably find Wave 2 of the DC Imaginext Blind Bags and nothing else. If you're trying to keep track of them, then check Wal-mart (and Walgreens) or Kroger. They're the only ones paying attention.

Not quite done with the small stuff yet! Hopefully you're aware of Mega Construx's single packed Heroes line, because they've been going strong and they are still sought after! They continued with the Masters of the Universe stuff, and naturally I jumped on that Faker. I haven't seen him since, but I've seen many people post pictures of peg warming Fakers, so if you have the same disease I do (inflammation of the evil-robot-of-the-hero gland) then you may have an easy time tracking this one down. Now, keep your eyes open for the rest! As I type, a four pack of He-Man, Skeletor, Faker, Beast Man, and Teela is floating around at stores, along with a Wind Raider vehicle that comes with He-Man and Skeletor (painted more like the toy, with purple feet). This line doesn't show any signs of stopping, and I LOVE IT.

Mega Construx hit a sweet spot with the amazing minifigures, and thankfully they noticed and began selling them in single packs, however...when they were Mega Bloks, there used to be a lot of random cool stuff sold in eggs. I thought that might be the end of it, but then Mega Construx came out with Breakout Beasts! This is like the old monster-in-an-egg formula, but jacked up on steroids. You still get a dragon in an egg (or a beast, like a wolf monster), but this time the egg is bigger, the beast is bigger and more complex, and it's all slime. Personally, I'm not a big fan of the slime - BUT - in terms of slime, it is good slime, and I have yet to see a kid that doesn't love it. It's a bit of a hassle to wash off all the parts, but it only takes long because of the number of parts. Otherwise, the slime washes off easily. The best part is that, if you DO like the slime, the egg is lined with a rubber edge on the inside, so it stores your slime nice and safe without leaking! I'd be a little more annoyed with it, but the beasts are SO cool! They really improved upon the old Plasma Dragon formula, and they are worth checking out if you loved those old Mega Bloks Dragons.

Let's see, what else is small? I guess this counts. It's this little statue Vegeta from a series of....various Vegetas? Except they're all doing weird things that are outside of Vegeta's usual brooding anger. I had to get the one that was cleaning. You can see why. I highly recommend him to the Vegeta connoisseur.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of Vegeta:

SH Figuarts DBZ figures are getting pretty good! They were just okay awhile back, but they redesigned the hips to actually work, and then made a lot of the joints move a bit smoother. This particular Vegeta is from the end of DBZ, when he decided to let evil back in his heart and.....ugh, okay, it's stupid. This is Majin Vegeta, so he has a bunch of evil faces for killing people and beating on Goku. HOWEVER...

If you have the second Scouter Vegeta, he has an extra head that fits perfectly on this body, making him look like he did at the very end of the final episodes. Just....regular old Vegeta. I dunno why, but that really makes the figure for me. If you're thinking of getting him, I'd check him out! The figure moves great, and actually feels like you get your money's worth for the most part.

Also from the Dragonball universe is Bulma, as she appeared....well, on the cover of a manga. She never actually wore this in the story, but it's still an iconic outfit that I remember from the first time I went hunting for DBZ information on The Internet (dial-up, naturally), back in the day. It may not be the basic Bulma outfit, but I feel like it's an important one, and a figure you shouldn't skip, if you're a Dragonball fan. She works out pretty well, with only a minor problem with the design of the knees and elbows being weird discs. A little ugly, but not glaring, and certainly not enough to make this a skip. Definitely consider it soon, before it disappears!

As long as we're talking anime, let's hit one of my all times favorites: Slayers! It might not be an obvious love of mine, but that's only because I run a toy blog and I have no Slayers toys! Thankfully, Good Smile Company decided to throw a little attention in the Slayers direction and did a classic movie-style Lina Inverse! Granted, it's a Nendoroid, which means she's chibi, or Super Deformed, or whatever you want to call it. Still, it's a great figure and the only current Slayers figure you're gona get!

If you have any love for Slayers in your heart, then please consider getting this Nendoroid and show them that we want more Slayers toys!

Are we still on anime? Okay good, I've got a few more. You like Gundam? I like Gundam. I think that's obvious by now. One of my all time favorite Gundams is the Gundam Alex...partly because I like the name Alex, and mostly because it's AWESOME. There's guns in the arms, the design is slick, and it gets like, barely any screen time. But aren't all the best characters on the screen for a few minutes? It's like the Boba Fett of Gundam.

...maybe not that extreme, but you get where I'm coming from.

I had been waiting for a new Gundam Alex figure since the old MSiA days (Mobile Suit in Action) and it looks they waited just the right amount of time before finally giving me one! You see, the Robot Damashii series has been....just okay. The figures felt kinda flimsy and hollow, and I was always afraid to move them. Well this new sub-series called Ver. A.N.I.M.E. (all Universal Century suits) has taken a sharp turn on to Greatness Ave! The figures feel much more solid, the articulation is groundbreaking (many of the articulation points aren't obvious until you start moving it around), and the accessories are fun! They have ports all over them for inserting explosions or jet booster effects, and all the jet or explosion effects work across the board with all the figures. Finally! A new Gundam toyline I can get behind.

And with that in mind, this strange Gouf Test Prototype is also just as good (though it was a ridiculously expensive exclusive that I snagged at a clearance price).

If you were unsatisfied with Robot Damashii (Robot Spirits) then you should definitely jump back with in the Ver. A.N.I.M.E. series. It is worlds better than the previous stuff.

Okay, enough anime, how about video games? In one of my other January Reviews I talked up this weird series called NXEdge Style, which features a number of famous characters or mechs in a super deformed style for very affordable prices. Mega Man X ended up being spectacular, so I preordered Zero and was just as impressed. This is a great series, and though the figures are super deformed, characters like X and Zero end up looking almost normal, or at least similar to the proportions of their old SNES game sprites. These little suckers are only 30 bucks, which is steal for how awesome they are, so don't even think about it, if you're a Mega Man fan. Just buy them.

I assume you knew this was coming, when it comes to video games. I reviewed the absolutely excellent Metroid Other M version, and I have to say that it was better than this one, but this version is still pretty dang great. It's supposed to be based on the Metroid Prime series, but the armor is also very similar to Super Metroid, so it works for that too. If you only get one Samus, I'd go for the Other M version, but if you like this suit better, then I wouldn't hesitate. It's still a great figure, and worthy of a mention when talking about the best toys of 2018.

Okay, how do I segue into this? OH! It's expensive! Yeah, we're talking about expensive toys now. This is Kamen Rider Ichigo, from the new Shinnkocchou Seihou sub-line of SH Figuarts. They're remakes of past Kamen Rider figures, making them better and more accurate to the suits worn in the series.

So far I've only bought Ichigo and his partner Nigo, but they're great figures and really show off why they needed some remakes. The originals aren't bad, but these really bring it to a new level of quality, especially in accuracy to the on-screen suits. Worth checking out, if you're a Kamen Rider fan, and they may just make you ignore the original releases.

Speaking of high-end toys: How about them 1000 Toys? No, not the expense, but the toy company called 1000 Toys. They made that Synthetic Human that I reviewed, and they continued in that series with the Etherow, a character from the same series as the Synthetic Human.

This wasn't a super important character to me or anything, it's just that 1000 Toys can be trusted to make an amazing figure, and this was a red and white armored figure with a gun arm. Kinda my thing. Like, all my things. Daffy Duck kicking Bugs Bunny back into his rabbit hole saying "MINE MINE MINE!" kinda thing.

Anyway...excellent figure. 1000 Toys never disappoints.

Oh, speaking of 1000 Toys: They made this! It's kinda nuts. This is the Synthetic Human base with new legs, arms, and head (also an armor overlay). This is a collaboration with Onell Design, of the Glyos fame! If you've ever bought any Glyos items, you might be familiar with the Buildman robot. Well, this is a fancy version of the Buildman!

...and yes, the crazy thing is Glyos compatible. At least, the arm gun is. You can put anything Glyos there. ANYTHING.

This wasn't the only one, as there was a Pheyden as well, but I could only get one, and so help me, I went with the red one (of course). Anyway, this is a great figure, and possibly hard to track down unless they do another run. Be sure to check Onell Design to keep track!

Since we're talking Glyos, I want to mention a strange milestone for the brand: Glyos compatible toys somehow made it to the mainstream market! I mean, it would be cool to see classic Glyos in the stores, but this is still pretty amazing. These are Power Armors from the Fallout series of games, but they pop apart into Glyos pegged limbs, so you can mix them with anything in the Glyos family - and you can find them in regular stores like Target or Gamestop! Imagine that. These are the times we live in, folks!

Where are we? Did we shrink again? Down to G.I. Joe Scale? Okay good, how about Animal Warriors of the Kingdom? This was a Kickstarted line that was fulfilled this year (with more to come) and they came out really cool! There's an abundance of Joe-scaled indie toylines nowadays, but none of them are animal people!

They're poseable, bright, laden with accessories, and they'll match up with any other Joe-scaled items you've got. The world of 1/18th is ever expanding!

What else have we got in that scale? How about something indie as well? This is a crazy one - it's from Super 7, in their ReAction line of figures styled after old Kenner Star Wars toys. That works great here, because this is based on Star Wars as well! This is an official figure of Phantom Starkiller, originally a bootleg figure by Killer Bootlegs. So let's break this down: Killer Bootlegs created Phantom Starkiller by making casts of old Star Wars figures and repainting them (he's made a ton of different versions from other parts as well). It got popular, and then Super 7 collaborated with him to make an official version using all new sculpted parts, still in the old Kenner style! An interesting journey, to be sure. If you don't care about any of that, just look at this glow in the dark skeleton man with a lightsaber and enjoy. Enjoy its existence.

Well, we're talking about Star Wars and 1/18th scale, so how about I show off my spoils from Disney World? They've had a Droid Builder station for awhile, but it was all Astromech Droid parts for the longest time. The next step was Protocol Droid parts, and articulated ones at that! I had assumed they would be only jointed at the shoulders, neck and hips, but these go all the way with knees, elbows, wrists, ankles, and the waist! You can't ignore these things, if you see a station. I built....a lot.

My favorite of the bunch is my M1S5 Information Droid. He is very helpful and provides true facts...honest! If you have a chance to go to Disney World, or have a close friend that is going, then make sure you snag at least one of these!

If we're on to Star Wars, I suppose I should touch upon the Black Series. Star Wars is something I've cut way back on, but there are some favorites that manage to get me to grab another Black Series figure here or there. 4-LOM is certainly one of those. You won't want to miss this one, if you love 4-LOM. The figure is basically C-3P0, but with articulation in the elbows so he can fire his big-ass WWII machine gun. Great figure! Grab it when you see it.

I think this one might have come out in 2017, but I didn't get it until this year, so I'm counting it. This is important because it has taken them FOREVER to produce a Royal Guard with both a cloth cape AND regular articulation! They had the cloth cape down before, but they were using an old mold with horrid cut-joint elbows. Now the Royal Guard is finally poseable! They can do all the stuff you'd expect them to do, if they ever did anything beyond walk, stand, leave the room, or take a nap when Yoda says.

Sticking with Star Wars, but shifting a bit to Disney's Toybox series. I've spoken of them before, stating that they look amazing, but need a little work in the articulation department. They're still kinda the same, but they're just so dang good looking that I don't care. They're still awesome, and Disney is pumping them out at amazing speed, but still keeping them in stock at their website so that they're not super hard to get.

They're using all the franchises at their disposal, so they've got some Star Wars, but also an impressive amount of Marvel, like this cool Black Widow figure; my favorite of the ones I got from this year.

AAAAND now...since I'm talking about Marvel....join me and touch the magic rear of Captain America to jump into Marvel Legends. I promise I'll keep this short (I already broke that promise awhile ago).

Marvel Legends have worked their way back into my good graces in a big way, and it just won't. Slow. DOWN. I feel like I have too many, and yet the cherry picking I've done is nothing compared to how often whole waves (plus a build-a-figure) come out. If I had bought every full wave to build the big figures, I wouldn't have any room for anything else. And it all comes out so quickly! Seems like a new wave is announced and released within weeks.

Anyway, this year knocked out some 90's favorites, like Wolverine's old yellow and blues, a classic styled Deadpool, some Life Foundation Symbiotes (Lasher and Scream), and a re-release of Carnage with some new hands and a new unmasked head featuring his trademark insanity.

Wolverine and Deadpool also marked some more replacements for my old Toybiz 90's team, and this Walgreens exclusive Silver Surfer did the same! I only ever had the Toybiz one with the wheeled surfboard, but it was neat and I used it a lot, so it's cool to get a new one in Marvel Legend form.

BUT...I can't talk Marvel Legends without mentioning the new face scan technology. It lead to Hasbro finally making a dedicated charge into the world of the Cinematic Universe!

The faces are finally good enough to actually buy movie figures, and be happy with them! Like, really happy! Many of them look like they jumped straight out of the film.

Not only that, but the push to make more movie figures created a line JUST for movie figures, with an emphasis on better paint and making the figures as well as they could. Granted, I've seen complaints, but I don't really share most of them. I'm very happy with these Cinematic Universe figures, and they're hitting clearances now, so make sure you keep your eyes open.

So Hasbro has been rocking it, but Mattel has been....trying.

Sadly, they haven't been trying very hard in the same realm as Hasbro. They can't seem to hit that sweet spot with movie figures - or even something to rival Marvel Legends - but they still make some dang fine kid's toys! They consistently make fun basic figures, and then lines like Justice League Action...

...which came and went in a flash. They're really fun figures that I talked about in the last January Review, but they either didn't catch on, or were meant to be a flash in the pan. Funny thing is that they were regularly bought up when they were out there; I assume that means they were popular. Mattel didn't distribute them very well, or they weren't stocked well, because they sold and then vanished! There may be a few here or there, but they were drained out everywhere around me; never to return.

I would have liked to see this line continue, with force! It had boasted a wide range of characters, but they were so hard to find! I was sad to see this line go. Pick up a few, if you can still find them.

What else from DC? Oh, Mezco's One:12 Collective series! Yeah, I don't get many of these, because they run your wallet ragged, but I made an exception for Batman Beyond - because he's rad a hell. He's been getting more attention lately, but this is special attention, baby. Cloth suit, sharp items and claws, and just an overall great look.

The cloth suit does worry me a bit, but it doesn't seem to be getting ruined with regular posing, so I'm still gona call it a recommended figure, specially if you want Batman Beyond solidified in fancy, fancy toy realism (and assuming you can find it for a good price).

Wow, I haven't hit Transformers yet, have I? My Transformers buying has increased, but it was more with the Titans Returns line. 2018 was Power of the Primes, with a lot of releases for characters I already had, or just decided I needed to cool it on (like with MORE combiners - I didn't need more). Most of all, I had decided to skip an admittedly cool-looking Optimus because I just don't need any more version of him....but I'll make an exception for Nemesis Prime! See, because it's not Optimus!

...okay hear me out. I don't have any version of Nemesis Prime, so this seemed like a good way to fill that void and also try out that new Prime - AND - he has two new head sculpts and comes with more accessories than Prime, like the swords (a Nemesis staple) so all in all I'd say this was a good choice. Not just because he filled a niche, but because he turned out to be a fantastic toy! The transformation from little Nemesis to FULL ON NEMESIS is really fun, and both modes look great. The accessories also reference various Nemesis Primes through the years, so if you have no Nemesis Prime and just want to get a catch-all - and a fun toy to boot - then I'd track this one down before he becomes expensive.

This one is strange to add on here as a favorite for the whole year, but it took me by surprise!

This is Shockwave - obviously - but it's a simple couple-of-steps version of him with partially limited articulation (just lacking knees). He was sold at Walgreens (and I've still seen him around, so keep your eyes open) in a budget series of simpler Transformers. Normally I don't go for those, but something about this guy keeps drawing me to him. The lack of knees somehow doesn't bother me, and the rest of his articulation is enough to have fun with. Add to that the fact that I can mess with him along with my two year old and not have to worry about it breaking, and you can see why it was in my hands a lot since I got him. If you like Shockwave, this is a really great looking one for shelves, or if you want to share your love of Transformers with your younger kids.

Okay, home stretch! Naturally, more Mythic Legions came out this year, and I'm still in love with them. The new bodies took me by surprise - mostly because I had assumed the basic knights and skeletons would be my favorites.

Nope! It's the little guys that stole the show. They just work so well! The thinner knights sadly aren't quite as easily poseable as the previous ones, though I can't call them a failure. They just require a little more finesse when moving them around, whereas the previous knights felt like they moved into a great pose with little effort.

...but let's not beat around the bush: They're still amazing, as always, even if I have to work for a pose a bit more than I did with the last ones.

So Mythic Legions is still going strong, and still nearly impossible to get unless you're following the Four Horsemen and hitting their sales when they come out! Hell of a line to collect, but if you can get into it, then you're hooked. You can decide whether or not that's a good thing when you're buried under them.

WHOA, MOOD WHIPLASH. Knights and goblins and skeletons and....Kermet? Yeah, this is my last one, and it may seem crazy, but you should know by now that my favorite things are all over the spectrum. Anyway, yes, they made Muppet Babies toys. NEW ONES. Not only that, but they kinda reference the old Muppet Babies toys that used to come in happy meals! Those were the go-to Muppet Babies toys back in the day, and I guess the people making them now decided not to fix what wasn't broken. Though, the did improve on it a bit:

Each Muppet Baby comes with a trike and an overlay that turns it into another vehicle. Simple and fun! I liked it, my boy liked it, and you'll like it too. Keep a lookout at Target for these - they tend to go fast, though if the new show does well, I'm sure we'll continue to see more of these.

OKAY...that should do it. Favorites for 2018. What did you think? Did I miss something that SHOULD HAVE TOTALLY BEEN ON THERE COME ON, or were you not even aware of a large majority of these? How did you feel about Toys R Us going down? Are you excited about new Muppet Babies toys? Because you should be. It's the only part of this whole post that matters.

See you next year! HAHA! Ha. Am I joking? WHO KNOWS.


  1. Are you ever gonna come back? :(

    1. That is certainly my plan! Sadly, time and available space have been working against me. I'm kinda in a rut with the amount of piled up toys that are choking my photo space, and working through the junk is a slow process. Instagram also makes it easier to just...shoot and post, I guess. This takes more time and editing, which is getting away from me the older my child gets. STILL....the plan is not to abandon this blog. It's just gotten away from me for the time being.