Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Octobersbest Is Coming

Yeah, it's coming about as fast as an old man's story about his youth where he's gotta walk to school in ten feet of snow, up hill, both ways.

But I'm workin' on it!  I just don't want my glut of old Alexx Shorts to spill into Octobersbest time.  I'm sure you all understand!  I have a baby now, etc and so on and so forth.  Granted, I've had a baby since February, but he changes faster than one of those 90's head-flipping Power Rangers, and with a new head every time you flip it.  Every week he's a different baby! 

Excuses aside: As always, I'm filling my Instagram with nonsense, so be sure to check that out for quick shots of junk I've been buying (or junk I've been putting on my dog, because we need more of that on the internet). 

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and if you lack that; you wana fight?  Let's go!  COME ON MAN.

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