Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thundercats 2011 (Part DEUX)

I dunno you wana look at more toys?

So here's Lion-O!  The star of the show.  Comin' back fo' mo'.  As you can see he's totally sporting the classic RPG look I was talkin' about in the first part.  Only one shoulder pad!  What a rebel.  Oh, speaking of that shoulder pad:

I had to shave some of it off around the neck, 'cause it just runs into his head when you turn it.  No problems after that!

He's a slick figure and comes with both forms of his sword - dagger and HOOOOOO.  The dagger fits in his claw shield all snug and both fit on his arm either way (dagger or not). 

About my only complaint is that the sword handle is a little too thin.  The sword doesn't fall out, but it'll flop around.  Doesn't get in the way of play though, so he's easily a fun figure.  Just enough articulation without going overboard.  Plus: can't you just imagine controlling him over a big mode-7 landscape and leveling him up?

Certainly one of my favorites, though Tygra holds the top spot for being able to hold his stuff better.  Still, Lion-O is pretty sweet lookin' and a great representation of his toon self.  That is of course cool, but I obviously really like him for the standard fantasy look as well.  Great figure! 

Now you notice a BIG 'ol Mumm-Ra showed up there.  He's next!  As I mentioned in the previous post, Bandai (the creators of this toyline) made two different sizes for this line: 3.5 and 6 inch.  This is the 6 inch Mumm-Ra.

WHOO BOY this guy is WAY better than his tiny counterpart!  I was totally planning on only getting the little guys, but Mumm-Ra here impressed me big time.  I had decided on him 'cause...well it gives him the SIZE I was lookin' for when compared to the 3.5 guys.  He's not that big compared to Lion-O in the show, but it's not that far, honestly.  Mumm-Ra is already transforming from a stick-man mummy to muscleman meatybod, so I don't see why he can't be friggin' gigantic as well.

Now there are no wings on this guy, but it's obvious they had planned for some.  I 'm assuming they didn't do it so that he'd stay within a certain price range.  Those wings would be HUGE in this size anyway.  I'd find some to add, but I can't get those plugs out (not without diggin' in there anyway).

So beefcakes here comes with the dagger and big versions of the Sword of Plun-Darr (if I'm not mistaken) and different hands: open and holding.  The holding hands are WAY better than the small one's hands.  Better in that they can actually hold his weapons and they won't fall out!

Now the swords only come in two parts because they wouldn't fit in the package together.  It's just supposed to be a double-bladed sword, and for some reason they took it apart at the top leaving one with no handle and one with double handle.  I think that was a kinda dumb oversight as that woulda been a perfect chance to let you do a dual-wield.  But hey - you can do it anyway!  The hands are nice, so you can shove the nub of the main sword into his hand. 

Funny part about all this is that I was expecting the same sword as the little one.  It mirrors the sword the original Mumm-Ra came with (monster version) and I was looking forward to this one because mine broke off it's handle way back in the day!

...making this sword pretty much exactly like my old one from the original toy!  Hilarious how that works out.  And even back then I could still twist the nub into the old Mumm-Ra's hand, so I guess it all still works out.

Anyway, the other item he comes with is his shield thingy with the spindly spider legs comin' out of it.  I think it's supposed to be like the fingers coming out of the shield on Lion-O.  They don't appear to be bladed or anything but hey, I'm sure they're dangerous.  Either that or he can push things off the table from a distance.  Like you're going for the salt and he's all like BWOOOP and pushes it off the table to be a dick.

The dagger form can't fit in the shield this time around, but you can pose 'em like he's pull it out!  Lookit that! 

This guy is SOOO much fun!  The articulation is numerous and tight, but doesn't go overboard into the realm where playing with him gets 'em all out of wack.  I usually like 3.5 figures better, but geeze they did a good job on this one.  I highly suggest him just as a fun toy alone, if you can find 'em. 

But I really do like his giant size compared to the small guys!

The 6 inch guy sadly brought me into the 6 inch line, though it didn't last long enough for me to really collect much of it.  ...which is kinda good, since I got the while team in the 3.5 size.

Come on back for part THREUX or three, as they say when you're not dumb.

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