Thursday, March 28, 2013

Marvel 3 3/4 Figures: Littla 2010 and 2011

Here we are in November of 2010 and I was pretty much just posting pics of my new purchases.  As usual, I buy on a basis of cool, somehow related to my old stories, or the rare actual knowledge of a character.

This guy is an evil Iron Man, and I hope I don't have to explain myself there.  Actually this is more like a dickhead Iron Man from the future.  I guess he's still related to Tony Stark (I think he's Arno Stark?) but he's much more of a dick and works as a sort of mercenary.  Dunno why his armor is basically just a modified version of the then-current armor if he's from the future.  Oh wait, I know why: comics!  He's futuristic for his time, of course.  Just how they did things back then.  Anyway, he's freaking cool looking and I love him.  You can still see him in stores sometimes, because Marvel Universe has the spottiest selection ever, and you never know what random wave is gona pop up in stores.

This goofy bastard is Constrictor, and he has electro-whip things impossibly coming from this arms.  They're neat!  Very cool figure.  I only bought him 'cause I remember him from a Deadpool comic, though.  Deadpool had to share a house with this guy and some girl (Titana?  I dunno.  Big strong lady).  I thought this guy was hilarious at the time...I'd have to see the comic again to know why.  Anyway, according to the red on his teeth, I assume he's a fan of fruit rollups.  Or Gushers. 

Ghost Rider!  He has a flaming skull head, so I bought him.  Also I sorta used figures of Ghost Rider as an old character I made up in my little-kid stories called Burn (you bet your ass that's clever).  The original idea of Burn was that he had a black floating, flaming sphere for a head and it had whatever face on it he wanted at the time, but Ghost Rider was a good enough substitute for him.  Anyway, neat figure!  Uses the same mold at the A.I.M. soldier.  Only problem is that the leg has a tendency to pop off if you move it the right way.  It's not a big problem, though.

This one is now pointless, 'cause they made a slightly better version (though not a perfect one yet).  This one is important to me because this was the last suit I had for my Spider-Man when I last used to play out my old idea when that was.  It was an old toybiz figure, of course.  Anyway, they tend to ignore this suit a lot, or just plaster the paint scheme on a regular Spider-Man body.  This is it's own mold, but it could just as easily pass for Spider-Girl...the chest is very pronounced.  Also it's thinner than normal Spider-Man.

And WHOA-HO LOOK AT THEM WACKY WEB LAUNCHERS!  Yes, he came with both of those massive muthas.  Like he says: If you are popular enough, you will eventually come with a launcher that shoots what your theme is.  I'm looking at you, Batman.  Though to be fair, by now Batman has fired EVERYTHING from a launcher.  Saws, nets, giant cuffs, missiles, claws, dildos, shards of glass, donuts, tables, pitbulls, Alfred, dinosaurs, human feces - you name it! 


Hey, it's hardcore future Spider-Man!  I have the first edition of this comic with a foil cover, randomly.  I think I thought it was important back then.  I'm sure it's worth nothing now.  Anyway, I got this guy awhile back in the old toybiz line and he was used as my final Mecha Spider-Man - YES of course I had a Mecha Spider-Man!  Dr. Doom made it.  He made a few versions.  It was awesome.  I bought this because of that old idea, and I love it.  Great figure!  Very fancy, thought you wana check that package for paint screwups.  Seems like it's easy for this one to get smudged.

Carnage!  This one is a two-toed version because he is based on the Ultimate version.  Doesn't matter, 'cause it looks like Carnage! 

Did I like Carnage?  Of course!  I was a 90's kid after all - I was totally into the darker-and-edgier bull they shoved down our throats back then.  I also liked how Venom had to work with Spider-Man in that series.  I wouldn't count Carnage in my top faves, but he is nostalgic.  He's more funny now than he was then, but I still look upon him fondly.  This is pretty much the best Carnage you're gona get in this size, sadly, so if you want him you may have to track him down.  Knowing toy-selling jerks, he may be expensive.  Dunno!  Sometimes you'll be surprised, sometimes not.

If I'm not mistaken, this next one is the current Iron Man armor?  Doesn't matter, 'cause A) It looks awesome and B) It is the best Iron Man figure to date.

...'course I only took a few pics of him, but sometime I'll focus on favorite toys and this one will be in there.  I can show you how all the articulation works perfectly.  You can get a lot of dynamic and realistic poses out of this guy.  He's one of those few figures with rocker ankles where they don't end up looking like they have broken ankles while you're carefully trying to pose them.

Alrighty, that last one was December of 2010, so we take a jump to July of 2011 because...oh hell, I don't know.  Go ask me back then.  Chances are I either was having problems finding the figures, or I didn't feel like taking pictures.  In fact: Probably because I didn't feel like taking pictures, 'cause a lot of these pics are single shots for a "what did you get last" thread.

Pretty sure these weren't bought near each other, but like I said, I was taking pics of new stuff, and at the time I hadn't taken any pics!  Anyway, Cable was pretty sweet and I'd suggest him if I thought you could find him easily.  Red Skull from the movie is cool, but the coat restricts him (so you can see I cut it on the sides). 

This one I bothered to take a few pics of, dunno why.  It's U.S. Agent, and I don't know much about him!  I just like the fact that he looked like an evil Captain America.


Yeah I dunno what the heck the point of his crazy shield was supposed to be.  It doesn't look very protective, and it...pops out...things.  Or something.  Maybe it shoots stuff?  Maybe those are blades?  Doesn't matter, 'cause a Captain America variant came with a shield that worked MUCH better for this guy:

The guy in red is the Captain America variant, and U.S. Agent is holding his shield.  See?  Perfect.  I also thought the Cap variant looked good as backup.

Then there's those two: That Captain America from the movie line is THE best Cap figure in that toyline, and I highly suggest tracking it down if you want a representation of him from the movie.  The mook figure is just neat!

Destroyer!  I got a few other things from the Thor movie line, but they aren't really worth mentioning.  The accessories were big and obnoxious and the figures themselves weren't that amazing.  I liked this guy, though.  No torso articulation, but it has a lightup feature and that makes me giggle.  I think it's supposed to light up his head, but yeah...light doesn't work that way.  Just makes his chest to that.  if you want some "lighted" eyes, just get a red marker and fill in his eyes.  Since the head is translucent plastic, the red comes out translucent as well and works fine.

Although this Cyclops is burned into my memory; my true Cyclops is the blue suit with the white X on it.  Because that was my original toy of him, of course.  I have the Marvel Legend variant of it, but they never made one in Marvel Universe, even though they made the right body for it!  Still waiting. 

Oh, but this is a fine figure!  If you can find it.

Bought a Sentinel at one point.  Marvel Universe HAD to make one, since the smaller figures are perfect for it.  I can't really decide if I like it better than the Marvel Legend BAF, so I'm keeping them both!

He came with another Wolverine; this one using the movie toyline mold with a new head that smells something funky.

Movie on the left, Sentinel version on the right.

That's my current favorite Wolverine in that suit, 'cause I like the goofy angry head.  Better than the complacent one on the left.

Anyway, the joints are VERY stiff and the figure is well articulated.  The button in the center lights up his eyes and he had a good number of phrases, including some classics like "HALT, MUTANT."  One of 'em simulated a "core meltdown" and gives you a nice explosion noise.  All good fun!  My friends seem to prefer the Marvel Legend's BAF, but I thought Hasbro did a great job on this thing, and I'm not afraid to break it like I am with the old BAF (and anything Toybiz in the Marvel Legend days). 

GUH...more pics than I had expected.  I'ma split this into yet another post and do a rush through the bunches of single pics I did for various "what I got recently" threads.  *POP*


  1. That mercenary Iron Man way up at the top is sweet! I think I've seen him, but I never really paid attention to him. Now I want him.

    1. He's real neat! I've still seen him from time to time, so keep your eyes open. You never know!

  2. Heck yes to Constrictor, something about the colours on the basic body make me like this guy, even though you really need the Serpent Society to back him up (hey Hasbro chop chop).

    Ghost Rider is another superb figure.

    But the numero-uno MU figure to date, for me... is the Sentinel. I got one in the traditional colours, if I pick up a 2nd It'll be the Silver one you have. Everything about the Sentinel toy is just right. Worth every dollar.

    1. Yeah, I would have liked the classic colored Sentinel as well, but I count the Marvel Legends BAF one as my classic one, I guess. That and they're both HUGE and I just can't find the space for another!

      Anyway yeah, I love the figure! Nice and sturdy, like it should be.

  3. Yup the 90s Jim Lee Cyclops costume is definitive for me on account of the cartoon being my earliest exposure to X-Men. Helped too that most of the video games I played featuring X-Men characters used that costume lineup. Actually, didn't the Capcom fighters even use the same voice actors as the cartoon?

    1. Yeah, that is the first look I think of when I think of Cyclops (even if my first figure of him was the one with the big white X on the costume). But yeah, cartoon was the first thing that introduced me to X-Men as well. They pretty much used all those costumes for everything around those times! All the X-Men games, and whatever they were involved with. Dunno if the same voice actors were used for the Capcom fighters, but I wouldn't put it past them.

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