Thursday, March 21, 2013


Lego used to do this Hero Factory thing where you could design your own guy.  There were limits on plastic colors and parts, but there were more than enough to make quite a few different and unique combinations.  I knew I had to try it out at least once.  I kinda wanted a few more, but I wasn't able to make any more before they ended the program.  This is my guy: Rick Super Breaker.

I went with all my favorites: Sword arm, red and white color scheme, and some sort of visor.  I also put some translucent red thingys in the back of the sword unit to make a gun, I guess?

Works well enough. 

Oh, and the reason the name is so funky is 'cause they had to make some sort of system that didn't allow for swear words, so they offered a big list of names and cool words that you could mix and match.  I picked Rick Super Breaker and make his focus on defense; not sure why, now that I think about it.

Finally: When I had ordered I guess it took a LONG time for it to get to me (I wasn't sure what the usual time was so I wasn't aware) and they gave me a free fire claw to apologize for the hold-up.  Nothin' better than free stuff when you weren't even bothered!  I lowered the shoulder armor to use his claw.

I'd suggest doing one of these sometime, but they ended the program!  It was cool while it lasted.  Hopefully they do something similar again with all the new parts they've been making.  It was fun!


  1. I was thinking about doing a spotlight on these guys too! I'm on the other end of the pool with these guys. I wanted to do at least one, and I ended with 15. But you're right, they're fun!

    1. Yeah I did want to do more, I just waited too long to do some more. I'm wishing I did, and I hope they do something else like this again.

    ^ I hope you have done this at least once.

    1. I think I've done various versions of that for no reason at all many times throughout my lifetime.