Thursday, March 14, 2013

Iron Man 2 figures (Part 2)

Continuing on with our tour, you'll see more armor than you can shake a stick at...assuming you're walking around shaking sticks.  In which case I have to assume you're having a cool stick fight.  Can I join you?  I found this awesome curved one that looks like a katana!

This is another big favorite: it's called the Hypervelocity armor.  I think that's cause it goes FAST.  Doesn't look particularly faster, but DANG it looks cool!  Definitely one of my favorite alternate armors. 

They repainted this guy in clear purple and black, but that never showed up around me.  I guess that's good, 'cause I could use any defense I can get against my penchant for buying repaints of figures I like.

You may remember this from the second movie as the suitcase armor, or the MK V which got torn to shit in no time.  I guess it served it's purpose, though I would have liked to have seen it in action against something that couldn't tear it apart.  Anyway, it's neat looking but not that great of a toy.  A little stiff and the legs once again are nearly useless at the hips thanks to the thighs.  Also, the torso has a tendency to be wobbly.

He comes with his suit case, though!

BOY does he comes with a suitcase!

It's more of a suitecase I think, 'cause if that thin little thing in the movie opened up into armor, then this big chunkabox probably opens up into a hotel room.

...or a boombox, sure why not?

'Course it's huge for one reason and one reason alone:

Yeah it's a missile case.  A KABOOMbox if you will.

Now for your viewing pleasure: Feel free to imagine "Rapper's Delight" comin' out the box (I don't even know if that works for breakdancing - I just find it hilarious)

I'd say he was totally illin' but Monger sorta ended on the same note at Iron Man, so I don't wana give him too much credit.
Now you best be knowin' I love 'dis guy.  He's got the same problems as the classic War Machine, but they're much easier to deal with.  The thighs still get in the way, but no where near as much, and the shoulder armor is still on hinges, but it doesn't restrict the arms as much (since they're not acting as shoulder cups this time).  His machine gun is on a nice ball joint, but the bullet feed belt will pop out if you're messin' with him.  Overall I'd say he's my favorite War Machine.  He's movie styled, but since he's always supposed to be more heavy than Iron Man, I think he fits in anywhere.
I love him so much that I had him trash some Techno-Viper stuff why not.  Highly suggest him and all that.
Next, as I mentioned I have a penchant for buying repaints, so I got this K-Mart three pack:
I didn't actually like this mold that much, but he's translucent red!  One of my many weaknesses.
So he's a low point in the set.  I may get rid of him at some point.
But this is an awesome green repaint of War Machine and I shall keep it.
Always good for a mass produced armor or something like that.  Not worthy of hunting down, but a cool figure all the same. 
The final repaint was a MK VI figure in 'MERICA colors.  That mold wasn't great and he always looks down.  You gotta work it to do anything.  Came with a 'MERICA shield though!
Kinda cool, but also probably won't keep it as time goes on.
Final thing for this section is my going back on my word of "NO 6 INCH FIGURES."  I knew I wouldn't be able to resist because I still have my 6 inchers, so it's hard not to continue getting things to go with them.  I'm currently in the process of weeding them, but at the time of these pics I hadn't even tried.
My excuse at the time  (other than "oh daymn lookit 'dat sumbitch!") was that I never planned to get rid of all my 6 inchers, and I wanted at least one representation of my big favorites.  Marvel Legends made one War Machine, and he was a mess (and his leg broke off, but that's Toybiz for you).  I'm fairly sure they just sculpted a War machine face on a ball - his head was so...round
This one is much better!  I plan on keeping him as my 6 inch War Machine representation, so I regret him not.
That one on the right was a repaint of the MK III armor from the Iron Man 1 movie line.  It was their sorta concept idea for War Machine, I guess.  Now he's obsolete!
Anyway, cool thing about this War Machine is that they give him some hands that allow him to hold things!
Like a ton of Gundam weapons!  This figure is DANG FINE and I would highly suggest him along with all the other "high" suggestions.  How many times have I said that so far?  Shouldn't that be caught in a reread? 
Shouldn't I reread these things?
Stay tuned for part 3!  Or you know, if you're from Joebattlelines you've seen these back in 2010.


  1. Man that K-Mart MK V is sweet! I wouldn't be so quick to give that one away. The black in there makes him look much cooler than the original. But what, no Hammer Drones?

    1. Yeah, he's neat, but I just don't find myself picking him up that much. I do like translucent figures, but I think I'd like him better if I liked that mold more.