Thursday, March 7, 2013

They See Me Lasin' (Aug '12)

Aaaaand back to the MotUC figures!  Last time I believe we were on the convention exclusives for August 2012, so now we're back to the regular figures.  Well, sorta.  I've explained before that they were doing a 30th Anniversary subscription with special new figures for the MotUC line.  If I'm not mistaken, August didn't have a regular figure, but this still kinda counts.  So, as I've said: The 30th Anniversary consisted of six figures.  Three by inside Mattel folks (two designers, one being Draego-Man and one by the brand manager, which is the Mighty Spector up there), two contest winners (Fearless Photog from awhile back and one I'll go over eventually), and one figure from a big-name comic book writer.  That's this one: Sir Laser-Lot! 

Remember how I sorta talked about Mighty Spector and how he wasn't well liked in the He-Man community?  Well this guy doesn't seem to get much love either, though he's spared from an equal amount of scorn because his creator doesn't have anything to do with the toyline.  That creator is Geoff Johns, a comic book writer known for doin' DC stories....or so I've read - I otherwise have never heard of him.  Then again, I haven't kept up with comics in ages, much less DC comics.  But HEY, what do I care?  He came up with a knight that uses laser weapons!  I'm sold!

On top of that he named him Sir Laser-Lot, which is hilarious and simple and really connects with the crazy ideas of MotU.  You can just imagine that if this figure had existed in the vintage toyline (and you know it could have) then he probably would have had a thicker arm with wires in it allowing his sword to glow.  Light-up features were the shit!  As such, the idea of this guy is also the shit.

Above you'll see that he's kinda....Superman colored.  I'm not totally down with the color scheme, but it's not offensive to me either.  On one hand I would have liked more silver and grey - like a knight - but on the other hand I love how bright he is.  It makes it feel more like he used to be part of an old 80's toyline, you know?  So in the end I don't think I'd change the colors if I had the choice. 

Anyway, details are simple enough: The points that stick out are the gem on his chest and the almost Cobra Commandery helmet with the laser pointer on the side.  Alright, I dunno if that's a laser pointer but it makes me think of one.  One way or another it's one of those cool little details that aren't explained and make my imagination work.  The detail that IS explained is the gem: it's the Gem of Tamadge, and it gives him increased strength and WHOA POWERS (duh). 

And what powers to behold: Laser weapons!  Though it seems he can't just produce weapons without some sort of base - I'm only assuming here, but he can probably fire wild blasts of energy, or use special items to force the energy into shapes.  The sword, for instance, has that special hilt.  The shield though...well I think that's the only thing I'd change in this whole figure.  Why is it blue when everything else is red?  Is it a different item?  What's with the design?  Of course, as I explained, I like mysteries and I've already pegged it as some other item unrelated to his powers (so he could hand it off to someone else) but generally I probably would have also colored that red to match.

Anyway, he's got the hilt to produce blades, and BWWWWAAAAA

A long stick for which to produce a MACE.  A LASER MACE.  Yes.  I don't know.  Yes, keep asking me.  I have no idea.  But seriously: do you care?  I mean really.  It's hilarious and awesome.  I don't know if the magic energy produces weight so it's a heavy smashing item or if it's just a weightless, wide beam of energy that disintegrates large chunks of his foes.  Either way it's cool and I friggin' love it.  Love it to death.

Oh, and you've probably noticed that I'm using a laser pointer to light him up sometimes.  Duh.

Things are just cooler in the dark, after all!  Unless there are things in the dark.

In which case things escalate to BADASS pretty quick.  You know I like a figure when he faces off against Scare Glow and doesn't get his ass beat right away.

But enough about physical details; what about backstory?  Um...lemme see, this guy was a cool knight back in the Preternia days with King Grayskull and He-Ro and all them in the past.  Cool!  I guess he "mysteriously disappears" sometime in the past and no one knows what happened to him.  Well guess what?  Mighty Spector I guess went back and brought him to the future, where he serves King He-Man (coming this month!) as the new Man At Arms.  Uuuhhh weird!  But cool.  One of those cyclical time travel things.  Did he go missing because he was brought to the future or was he brought to the future because the history books said he went missing?  Both!  Anyway I made a comic about it - like to hear it here it goes:

And that's how I figure it went down!  Oh, and Sesame Street reference.  Yeah.  Anyway, I'm pretty sure that's how it happened and many parties were had at King He-Man's expense.  Spector don't skimp on the hospitality.

So guess what?  LASERS.

I took WAY more pics of this guy than I had originally intended.  I was gona do some detail shots, make a joke about him lasering a lot because of his name, and be done with it.  But he just kept on mashin' faces!

I did decide to do a little mixing while I was messin' with him, but I didn't come up with much better than what he has.  The gem on him just works so well, so anything else just doesn't look right.  As I said, though these wouldn't be my first choice for colors, I still wouldn't change them.

That's a coat from the recent "Eternos Palace King Randor" or Foppy Randor as I like to call him (I'll get to him later).  As Laser says above: Yeah, I dunno.

I also threw on Mekaneck's armor for the heck of it.

Also tried to see what it would be like to match the shield in terms of laser energy:

Then went the opposite direction and tried to see what MORE laser would be like:



If you were reading that in the voice of Terry Crews then you were correct, and points will be awarded to your respective house.  Unless you're Slytherin, 'cause those kids are dicks.

Also I made this for you.  Because I love you.

So at the end of the day, you have to look at this guy and understand that he is ridiculous, but no more ridiculous than anything else that has ever carried the Master of the Universe name.  The colors may not be to your liking, but REALLY look at this guy and tell me he doesn't fit right into the vintage toyline.  If you can look me in the eye and tell me that he somehow doesn't fit, then I'll acknowledge your right to be wrong.

Oh I'm not done.

And I thank you GOOOD NIIIIGHT!


  1. Wow, tiger blood ain't got nothing on laza blood! And I actually think Mekaneck's armor looks really good on Laser-Lot!

  2. YOU CAD! you have Snake-Men, and you haven't reviewed them?

    1. I'm doing them in order. Next is September, which has Mekaneck, Dragon Blaster Skeletor, aaaaand Snake Men! So patience, my friend. I don't need to do them in order, but I like to. I used to take pics right when I got them, but I dunno how or when that fell through...

    2. The Snake-men 2 pack are one of the 6 items I'd buy if I went headlong into MotUC. The Griffen was bad enough, but he's so excellent and wirks wonders iwht my 1/18 fantasy figures/customs.

      The others would be Vikor and Battlegrouns Teela for hot barbarian action and Draego-man, because he's a dragonman.

      But I have so many more things to get, like sourcing those new Jurassic Park Allosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus w/G.I Joe parts made figures. It's not so much a want with these, as a MUST HAVE and NEEEEED.

    3. Yeah I bought two of those packs; they're pretty awesome. It's nice to have some mooks around for the good guys to beat up on (vice versa for the Palace Guards). I would set aside some cash for them at the very least, 'cause there's not telling how big snake men should be, so they could work with multiple toylines. But I'll go over that in due time.

      Anyway, you have your eyes on great choices! I highly regard all of those.

      As for the Jurassic Park stuff, I am liking those Allosaurs molds; almost look like they have some articulation. I might get that just to get the extra joe guy as well.

    4. Bodes well for JP4 and next year if the plans are going ahead.

  3. I'm glad to see you are back at it Alexx!
    And I'm blaming you for getting me hooked on GI Joe Kre-O's. Now if I could only get my hands on the blind bags!?! Stupid local...TRU.

    Awesome review and set of comics! I personally like Sir Lazor, but I would have painted the crotch piece red just to break up the BLUE! Love the Laser overload of Mosquitor.
    I had never seen the Seasame Street video before but love the reference now that I've seen the clip. Thanks for the link.

    What program do you use to add in your dialogue?

    Thanks again for the laughs!

    1. Thanks! I'm blaming me for getting hooked on Kre-O as well (and a buy-one-get-one-50%-off sale). And yeah, no one can keep those blind bags stocked! I've seen them twice and each time they're gone in an instant. Good sign, but hard to find.

      Anyway, I just use plain 'ol Paint program to do most of my work. There's probably better programs out there with shortcuts for the stuff I do, but what the heck - I use what I'm used to.

  4. We blame Alexx for everything, and by blame we me love.