Sunday, June 24, 2012

Variety Pack Strikes Back

More random junk for your eyes to take in and give to your brain for processing. 

I pulled off the Marvel Legend War Machine's armor around this time.  He broke not long after I got 'em out of the package, so him and his broken leg had been sitting in a box for forever.  At the time, I had finally decided to make use of some of his stuff.  Turned out you could rip his armor right off of him!  Go figure.  People constantly complain about the poor quality of MotUC figures, but I've barely had any problems with them while a bunch of my Toybiz Marvel Legends have broken over time.  Some of them right out of the package, some of them way later while I was just messing with them.  Toybiz gave me the highest frequency of broken toys that I've ever had.

They do make for some interesting fodder later, though!

Next one was as much a product of boredom as the last one:

Yeah beards.  BEARDS.  BEEEAAARRRDSS!!  So I took pictures of figures and then took a picture of Randor looking the same way the other figure was so I could cut out his beard in paint and put it on them.  Time well spent!

Next one is a sheath I slightly modified from a Marvel Legends Taskmaster:

Worked out pretty well! 

Now the final pics were just a way to show folks what I had been doing with all the packaging.

I got a problem with keeping packaging.  Thankfully I've gotten over it and I've managed to toss out a bunch of different useless packages.  At this point I had decided to finally get rid of the packages for MotUC, because they take up too much space!  So I cut out the filecards, keep those....and for some reason keep those MotUC logos.  They aren't stickers, so I don't know why I'm keeping them.  I am also keeping the parts that have the names of the characters on them, though I do plan to use those for a display someday in the future.



    Oh, and yeah, anyone complaining about MOTUC QC apparently didn't grow up with Toy Biz and Todd McFarlane QC. I mean I remember that Toy Biz Robin from the '89 line that was supposed to have a karate chop, but the little trigger on his back was broken in the package. And of course the aforementioned Purple Joker.


      Toybiz was seriously the bane of my collecting existence back in the day. I didn't have many 90's breaks, but the Marvel Legends series was just plagued by it. As I said in the post: I've still got figures breaking. Other toylines will have breaks, but it's usually one or two - Toybiz figures just kept doin' it.

      And GEEZE, I'm friggin' following you here. I might as well just be standing over your shoulder giving a running commentary.

  2. Why doesn't Teela have a beard? She needs a beard.