Friday, June 22, 2012

Battling Skeletons

One thing I love making is battle scenes.  They take a long time to set up however, and I think I've lost patience for it over time.  That, and I keep thinking of all the backgrounds I could use for a good battle, and how much work they would take to make or how expensive they would be and - BAH.  I'll get back to it someday, but for now; here is one of the short fights I staged with some Skeleflex figures.

As you can see, it's just a good 'ol fight in the living room.  The sequences don't line up perfectly, but I had a good time with it!  And MAN do I love those Skeleflex figures!  They're all put together with the same ball joints so you can mix and match the bones any way you like.  They still sell them online, but I haven't seen the in a store for awhile since they were clearanced out.  It's a shame, because the line is fantastic, save for the joints getting loose over time.

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