Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Don't Even Ask him about Cinnamon Toast Crunch (May '10)

So Optikk is awesome.  Not sure if you knew.  Heck, you probably didn't even know about him!  And why not?  Because The New Adventures of He-Man was something that most people hated for some reason, that's why.  Optikk came from that very toyline, though the toyline was just called He-Man while the cartoon was The New Adventures of He-man.  I didn't have the original figure, but I always wanted him.  I mean, what's not to love?  Big cyborg eyeball man.  Sounds like a score!


And hey, whaddoyaknow, it is a score!  He's using Trap-Jaw legs and arms, but I'll be damned if those parts didn't work perfectly for him.  Granted, the original figure was far more detailed, but that's par for the course for New Adventures or the 200X toyline, and that's just not what this one is about...in some cases (the MotUC line is quite detailed, but end up taking out detail all the same when it comes to certain figures).  MotUC makes the figures look as though they had existed in the vintage MotU toyline, and they do a fantastic job with that idea.  There really isn't anything getting in the way of my utter adoration for this figure. 


Anyway, some of the New Adventures (NA for short) figures had weapons that could be guns or melee weapons.  I don't know if Optikk was supposed to be that way (it's not as obvious with his weapon as it is with others) but the long barrel and the edges on the bottom of the gun make it ripe for a bludgeoning weapon!  Of course, I'd say he starts beating people when he's out of ammo, but the thing is a Photon Neutralizer, sooo...it neutralizes light?  I don't even know if it needs ammo to shut off lights.  Sounds like one heck of a dangerous weapon if it just kills light.

The Four Horsemen also added a shield, which is brand new.  It looks as though it was originally there, and it is so very cool!  Looks like a shield that absorbs energy shots and even has a nice, sharp edge!

The other really cool part about Optikk is that he introduces an eyeball head and his armor makes for some pretty hilarious swaps with various things.

I wish I could remember what those are.  They're from a blind-boxed toyline of figures that could separate and mix together; they're fun as hell.  I'll have to do some research on them and focus on them for a post sometime.

Otherwise: did I mention that eyeball heads are funny?

Do I even need to point it out?  Nah.

Here's one more for the road.


  1. While I completely missed out on NA, I do know that it featured a bunch of voice actors who would later go on to be in a lot of great mid-1990s stuff, like Garry Chalk, Scott McNeil, Ian James Corlett...Beast Wars guys, in other words.

    1. I completely missed out on the cartoon, somehow. Just never caught it back then. Loved the toys and the minicomics, though! And yeah, I'm sure even the animation studio might have been a known one (can't find it) but the animation was that classic 80's anime look like G.I. Joe and Transformers.

  2. I wish more toys had pack in mini-comics.

    Come toy makers, artists gotta eat too...

    1. Well, they just do things differently now. Either the story is on the back of the package, or there is a cartoon. They so rarely make anything out of the blue anymore, so there's sadly no need for a comic explaining things.