Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Armor for Battling (Jan. '10)

He-Man's first variant: Battle Armor!  The kinda armor you wear down to the Battling Cages on Mid-Boss Mondays.  Why?  Cause this armor apparently fixes itself up after three hits!  Yeah, if you know toys, then you're familiar with battle damage and all the options available for that kinda feature.  Sometimes it's awesome removable parts like Jurassic Park dinosaurs that had breakaway skin to reveal bones 'n such, or maybe cuts and scrapes that are revealed with cold water and disappear with hot water. 

Vintage Battle Armor He-Man, however, went with the good 'ol WHEEL. OF. DAMAAAGE!!  That's right: the chest area had an open cavity that held a cylinder that had three different levels of damage: No damage, one cut, and two cuts.  I never cracked one open before, but I assume there's some sorta spring or gears in there that make it work like it does: you hit the wheel and it'll roll over to the next damage!  Hit it again and it'll go to the last one, then you just press it in and roll it back to reset it.  There you go!  Healable battle damage.

This figure does not have that feature.  It mimics it, but because Mattel is against action features for MotUC, we didn't get this classic feature.  Personally I would have been happy to give up the chest joint to get this old feature intact, but whaddayagonado?  For this release you gotta take the armor off and pop out the symbol on the chest and replace it with your preferred level of battle damage: same as the old one!

'Course I was just takin' random pics at the time so I don't have them all displayed.  He also only comes with an axe, but I gave him the old shield and the 200X sword 'cause I thought it looked awesome.  Also, Skeletor was still using both Power Swords, sooo....

You'll also notice from the Adora post and on this one that I have a sort of background now!  Adora was the first to use my new table-with-towel-in-the-back-covering-The-Pit-from-G.I Joe.  Yeah, that's what's under the towel.  In fact, The Pit is still under the eventual brown sheet that I'm still using now!  Anyway, I move to the brown sheet right after this one. 

Finally, there's this:

Yeah, I don't know either.


  1. Battle Armor He-Man was the He-Man of my childhood. He's one of the few I still have! (Pay no attention to the fact that I borrowed him from a friend, then considered it mine when said friend sold all his MOTU figures at a yard sale...)

    1. Honestly, when they sell EVERYTHING, then I say anything leftover at someone else's house is free game.

      Anyway, many folks say that Battle Armor He-Man was thier only He-Man. Seemed to have been the easiest one to get at some point. I never got another He-Man; I was stuck with my brother's first version that I chewed the ever-living hell out of (as it was shown in a previous post). So He-Man never actually held anything for as long as I could remember.

      I think that's part of the reason I love New Adventures He-Man so much; he was my first complete He-Man that I sure as hell was not going to chew (in fact, he was so important that I actually got my mom to get me a second one when I lost his sword).

      However, at some point or another I was convinced that I had had Battle Armor He-Man at one point. I think I had two grey He-Man axes (who knows where the second could have come from) so I figured I must have had BA He-Man somewhere, and searched over and over. To this day I can never be sure if I ever actually had one or not.