Friday, June 22, 2012

Man-At-Arms: Finally, Someone Useful (July '09)

I don't hate Stratos...he's just useless.  Of course, at the time the Good Guy count was two: He-Man and Stratos.  The Bad Guy count was five: Skeletor, Beastman, Mer-Man, Faker, and Hordak.  Zodac is off in his own little world of neutral, gray indifference.  Or he's evil.  Either way it doesn't help the Good Guys.  Then along comes Man-At-Arms, bringing all the MAN and the ARMS.

Speaking of arms, he also had the first secret accessory, the mechanical Power Sword, otherwise known at the 200X Power Sword.

Up at the top is a comparison to the sword from the 200X toyline. You can see they simplified it a bit, and the handle is longer.  It's all around better, for me.  An awesome addtion! 

MAA himself had quite a bit to use though:

...of course I wasn't really reviewing these at the time these pics were taken, so I just took some pictures of interest.  For instance, this one is just showing how the 200X guns could fit on the weapon rack MAA has on the back of his armor.  Also you'll notice the background is now: BLINDS!  Yes, by this point my wife and I had moved into our apartment (where we had previously been staying with her mom).  Still a bit longer until I built a makeshift background.

I also wanted to show 'em off with the 200X items from MAA. 

Never enough orange between those two.

No idea why I did that, but you can see the moustache head.  MAA comes with two heads: one with a manly moustache, and one without.  His vintage figure had no moustache, but they added one for the old toon, and heck, he had it in the 200X toon as well!  Bascially the non-moustache head is just so he can look like the vintage version.  I like 'em both, but I don't have to choose anymore, thanks to the new Snake Man-At-Arms that just arrived yesterday.  I'll go over that in due time, however.

Final pic is yet another in the line of Alexx Classics, as this is how I remember my original Man-At-Arms.  I lost his armor and mace somewhere along the way, so he just held a sword from the Grayskull set and only used the arm and leg armor.  Just like the old days!

Geeze, I didn't really get too indepth on this one, eh?  I may go back and take detail pics sometime, but for now I am just going through the pics in order, so whatever I did before is what'll show up for now.  Anyway, MAA is a fantastic figure and another must-have alongside Mer-Man.  There's a lot of bang for your buck and he looks awesome.  Can't go wrong!

Oh wait, one more random thing:

Only related because of the sword; in any case, I just wanted to show how HUGE Snake Armor He-Man's sword was (it opened to be a missile launcher).


  1. Ah, MAA - by the looks of it, one of the greatest figures in the line. He's one of those ones that I regret not picking up at the line's outset, and I missed him at all the recent Matty sales.

    Did you ever get the idea that Snake He-Man didn't bother covering his left side as a taunt? Like, "Hey, Snake Men! You so weak, I can armor everything BUT my most vital areas and you still can't kill me. Neener!"

    1. He really is, and your regret is completely legit. I would put this guy as a high priority; not only is he just awesome, but I LOVE that mechanical Power Sword. I liked the 2002 version, but the MotUC version just improves on it in tiny but very effective ways. Also, he's the only way to get that awesome silver one. They recolored it in a weapons pack, but it's pretty boring by comparison.

      Yeah, MotU has always been a series with negligible armor. Sometimes there's a fully armored dude, but most of the time they just armor whatever they feel like at the time. Technically, compared to He-Man's normal look, this IS armored! But yeah...seems kinda taunting to cover everything on the chest except RIGHT where his heart is. COME AND GET IT YOU PANSYS.