Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rise of the Beasts - Another Addition to the Glyos System Family

Are you looking for something pocket sized?  Something similar to Battle Beasts?  Something compatible with Glyos?  Or were you just checking my blog today and were all like "I wonder if Alexx posted anything tod---oh, he did.  Might as well read it even if it isn't Grayskull"?


Rise of the Beasts started up with the desire to bring you little detailed collectibles in the same vein as Battle Beasts, and I'd say it hits the mark pretty well.  Lines up with my recent digging-out of my old MUSCLE creatures, too!

Main thing about these is that they're TOYS, if you get my meaning.  No reason why you can't buy these for kids and adults alike!  And, uh....doesn't hurt that they're compatible with Glyos stuff.

Rise of the Beasts is only a two-man series so far (more to come) and they come in black, gold, FLESH, and painted all fancy-like.  I bought one of each guy in gold and black and may go back for the painted ones later.  They even started up an old fashioned mail-away system with "points" and everything!  Each figure is a "point" (sticker) and once you get ten stickers, you can mail 'em back to receive a random specially painted figure.  I thought that was neat little touch and throwback to the days of old.

First up is the rhino man, Gaamik.  He likes ramming things, walks on the beach, snarling in vintage TMNT fashion, and origami.

I made that up.

Anyway, I LOVE the detail on these little guys.

Little lines all over, mechanical detail on the armor, and what looks like guns on the gauntlets.  I LOVE GUN GAUNTLETS.

The other guy is a crazy cyborg scorpion man named Cahriv.  Say that three times fast. Or at all.

This one is my favorite!  He's got a robotic eye!

And a hardcore snarl, like Gaamik up there.  I don't think you can ever battle without a cool snarl; especially when you're betwixt man and beast.

He's also got an extra articulation point beyond the shoulders, waist, and neck:

A tail!  And it pops off like the rest.  Speaking of that, why don't we rip this poor sucker to pieces?

Goes without saying that these guys can be swapped around however you like.  That was my goal when I purchased the gold and black guys - complimentary colors!

Of course, these stand alone VERY well.  No need to swap!  And they come with nice little C-grip hands for holding stuff.

But I'd be remiss if I didn't show off all the crazy crap you can do by swapping them with other items that work with Glyos!

If you couldn't tell: The possibilities are endless with just a few Glyos compatible items.  I highly suggest getting any of this stuff, but if you're looking for simple human-animal hybrid fun in a pocket-sized package, then you should check out Rise of the Beasts!

As for the others, I've displayed:
Weaponeers of Monkaa
Robo Force
Power Lords

Go get'cherself some tiny toys!


  1. Gah, you always beat me to spotlighting things first! You also post more than me, so I guess I shouldn't be surprise.


    I do love these little guys. I wish there was more selection, but at least we know it's coming down the line. And I like the idea of the mail away figures! I only need a few more, and then I'm totally gonna do it!

    I won't say more than that, because I should save something for my OWN spotlight. Nyah.

    1. Oh yeah, and gotta love good TMNT sneer. Always a plus, for me.

    2. Ha-HA! My speed comes from setting this random Tuesday deadline, so I end up spotlighting whatever I just got in my hands. Ya now, rather than other things that have been in the queue for a long while...

      Anyway: I am certainly looking forward to more of a selection! I'll probably end up doing the mail away thing as well.

      I look forward to your own spotlight!

      (And yes, a sneer is par for the course, I'd say.)

  2. That nightmare monster is just the best.

    1. The moment I built the thing, it ran under the couch and hissed at me. I....I don't know where it is now.