Saturday, March 5, 2016

Still Taking Care of an Infant: Here's some Previews from my Phone

Yeeeah, so, as expected: I'm still taking care of an infant, and it's tiring as hell.  I've been meaning to sit down and do a post, but that hasn't happened yet.  I HAVE been taking pictures of recent things with my phone, though!

Mainly of Kickstarter things.  You see, Boss Fight Studio's Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. figures have begun shipping!  I totally plan on a big post, which will hopefully happen soon (no promises, as you might expect) but for now I've just been snapping pics on my phone to send to friends. 

The guy above is a translucent orange blank body.  Perhaps you already understand why this might be the best thing ever.  If you know me.  Understand my mind. 

This is an exclusive to the Kickstarter: A bronze statue man, protector of the Dasani, apparently!  Ah man, I love living statues!  Dunno why.  Paintwork is BLAOW - blowin' my mind over here. 

Snakes alive!  Land snakes!  Those....aren't very good puns. 

This is a Gorgon snake woman!

So is this.  She's shouting about things.  Probably a joke there.  I can guarantee that.  I love this snake body!  You gotta fiddle with the snake part to get them to stand, but some hard work will yield fine poses.

And hey, the leader, Medusa!  This figure is AMAZING and is one of those figures where you can't even believe it looks JUST as good as the prototype they showed us during the Kickstarter.  She stirs the Castlevania fan in me, and I want to try to build a Belmont out of these figures.  We'll see if that's possible. 

She turns guys to stone!  Well, anything living.  Good thing Boss Fight decided to paint us up a Stoned Warrior!  Heh.  Bet he's hungry. 

Anyway he's really cool!  More living statues!  Sorta.  I mean, he's not supposed to move, but he DOES, so screw it. 

It's one of those This is Spartans from This is Sparta!  The joke is just as dead as the historical Spartans, but you still get to play with them.  I'll be honest: This is one of the least interesting guys of the bunch - and I know they're supposed to be the heroes - but there's a good chance I'll end up customizing the crap out of these basic Spartans.  Perhaps.  Maybe this guy can be normal.  Still rocks my world as much as the rest of the figures, though! 

Other than that, um....more Kickstarter things!

Remember the Marauder figures?  Well they released a few new body colors (and offered some free heads to backers!) so I ordered a few and got to swapping. 

And look: Bearded heads!  What's more: Old guy heads!  I really wanted to make a grizzled old man, so I did.  Just like the Vitruvian HACKS above, I'll probably be focusing on Marauder again in the future, when I glue these guys down.

This guy is my favorite, so far.  Gotta have my one bit of red on a white body, don't ya know.

These aren't completely finished, but they will be when I do an eventual post!

Last thing is the Figuarts Trunks that showed up recently.  BEST DBZ Figuarts so far!  I haven't been super happy with the DBZ Figuarts so far - I mean, they're serviceable, but you always feel like you gotta treat 'em like royalty.  Trunks is a bit more smooth - more playable.  If you're a Trunks fan, you owe it to yourself to get this one. 

Alright, that's it for now!  I'm still working on finding time to make a post, so I swear I'll get to something soon!  Thanks for your patience, folks.  This kid is killin' me, but it's a good kind of killin'.


  1. Oh man you got your H.A.C.Ks already, super jelly.

    And you'll be totally able to make a Simon Belmont out of these figures once the rest ship.

    1. Here's hoping! The classic box art Simon has some Roman-ish looking armor and skirt tassles, so it might work!

  2. Some very cool stuff here - love seeing Kickstarter-funded figures that actually make it out into the world!

    1. I know! It's like a random birthday outta nowhere.

  3. "Understand my mind."
    -You say that so casually.

    -Love it. I'm pretty sure we hear this in the same voice.

    And heh, Bad Guy hats. If those guys were red they would make great Bad Guys. Just need some sling shots and some missiles to throw. And maybe some Good Guy klingon ships to blast 'em up.

    1. MAN, I should make a bunch of Bad Guys and have them attacking Klingon ships with slingshots and throwing missiles and the Ass Kicker and then call it "Inside Joke: The Movie"

  4. nice to see you got a little bit of a break. actually im surprised you didn't get the skeleton from the website.

    1. Oh I got skeletons! The items they sent were just Wave 1 and a couple extras, because of a break in production for the Chinese new year. The rest of my sizable order (all-in from the kickstarter) has yet to ship. I've already got one of each skeleton coming, and then I ordered some more from the site.

      There will be much skeletons! Much much.