Wednesday, March 30, 2016

We All Hatch Down Here

You may remember an obsession of mine from the last time I managed to squeeze out an Easter post: Egg-formers!  This time we're gona focus on eggs and only eggs, because....well, they seem to be making a comeback!

My first encounter with these egg transformers was in the He-Man toyline, where they were called Meteorbs.  They were yanked from a Japanese toyline that I can't seem to pin down.  I don't think they were ever from any one toyline (possibly) but regardless: They are SUPER popular in Japan!  Various egg-formers came over from time to time (usually in budget no-name toylines) but it never really caught back on until recently.


Tell ya the truth: I don't know if these have caught on yet!  I really, really hope they have!  I've only found them at Toys-R-Us so far, but it all seems to be from the same company, so far that I can tell.  They started with some Disney ones, of which I only have two.

They open up smoothly and make some great egg forms.  They don't all fold up into good looking eggs, so I try to pick the ones that can, like these two: Baymax and Buzz Lightyear.  They really work in the details, too!

I'm hoping they continue, 'cause I haven't seen many others since these (I believe they did some other Toy Story ones, and some Finding Nemo ones).

Next comes: DINOSAURS!  Just basic dinosaurs!  Awesome!

This was the real surprise, because while I like Disney stuff, my real loyalties lie with stuff like this.  They did animals in the past, but these really knock the theme out of the park!

If, for some reason, you have a similar obsession for egg-formers, I gotta highly suggest these!  They've all got nice egg forms, but still turn into semi-reasonable dinosaurs!  Of course, I don't need them to be realistic, but I'm not gona pretend like I'm not impressed that these do more than just turn into a beast that is popping out of an egg shape (which I still like, by the way).

While I like characters: This is the kinda thing I hope they continue with egg-formers.  Dinosaurs, or other random creations.  Like robots!  Someone make some robots.

Now for the purely Japanese stuff we probably won't see.

My buddy Zach grabbed me a bunch of these for Christmas, and made some fine choices, considering my interests.

Anything Godzilla is gona be neat in egg form, but my interests are as you'd expect: one with translucent orange, and one robot!  Of course!

Bandai really pulled out the stops with these guys, 'cause they turn into great egg forms and nearly perfect monster forms (though Mecha Godzilla has a bit of a potbelly).

What I love about these is that they don't skimp on the details, even though they're ridiculous little things that turn into eggs for no discernible reason (beyond: "Hey, neat, they're eggs!").

Next on the breakfast menu comes from Ultraman in the form of two rampaging monsters.  The gold eggs REALLY takes the transformation aspect to heart!

It folds out and out and out into this long dragon monster thingy!  I love how creative they get with these guys.

Plus: Lookit how cute he is!  AWWWW you little...thing. You.

This guy, though.  THIS GUY.  This is the main event. You need this, even if you're not into the egg-former thing.

You think it's just a big walnut poop thing?  NOPE!

IT'S AN EYEBALL!  And more!

More eyeballs, I mean.  You can even see this guy in the background of my buddy Zach's blog.  He's a great, horrifying monster, but I'd be lying if I said he didn't shine the brightest as this eyeball egg chunk.

Plus: it totally passes for a Gohma, if you want!  A small one, anyway.

Also it looks at you.

It just keeps looking.  Never stops.

Always looking.

While we only have some Disney stuff and dinosaurs, Japan is still cranking out these eggs like MAD, so we only have to wait and see if these catch on!  On top of Godzilla and Ultraman stuff, they're also putting out some Star Wars egg-formers, so who knows, we may see some of them!  Here's hoping, anyway.  (Then again, nowadays, I guess we don't need them to come to the US, since we can just buy it all online).

Anyway, if you didn't know egg-formers were popular again: Now you do!  Take a look around!  There's a ton to choose from, and they're super fun to collect and mess around with.

Seriously though, it's called Gan Q, and you need one.


  1. ¡Ay, caramba!

    I gotta say, Godzilla, long dragon and the 2 dinosaurs are really impressive.

    1. Yeah that dragon guy has got to be my favorite, next to the eyeball.

  2. I remember being at the Convention where the Disney Eggs were announced! (I think). I swear I had a dinosaurs free with cerael. Quite interested in eggforming Star Wars figures!

    1. Google "Star Wars Egg Force" and you can check out the SW eggs. They're really neat so far, and I hope they bring them to the US!

  3. omg I love those Godzilla ones so much.

    1. They're some of the best, in terms of being an egg AND a monster without much of the "egg" part bleeding through.

  4. I didn't know they did the eyeball guy as an egg. I have a vinyl toy of him and love him.

    I got a few of those eggs from an HLJ order over Christmas, including MECHAGODZILLA and BURNING GODZILLA. I too was instantly drawn to them. Glad you love them as much as I do. I got borderline addicted and grabbed Ultraman's Dad, Boba Fett, and some random Ultraman monsters, too.

    That dragon also looks fresh.

    Those Mechagodzilla shots are DOPE, btw.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, this pretty much started the addiction, but I haven't bought more than what I found in stores, yet. The desire for the bit me again, after making the post, and now I'm hunting around for them. SO MANY DIFFERENT KINDS.

  5. Hmm let's see if they have one of my favorite monster, Gigan - OMG THEY DO HE IS ADORABLE. DOH HO HO LIL' BRUDDER

    1. They've done just...ah man, EVERYTHING. And now that they're branching into Disney and Star Wars I fear nothing is safe....

      ...and now I gotta go watch Lil' Brudder again.

  6. Glad you like the eggs, though knowing you as I do, it was a given. I've got a bunch of my own too. I never got Narse (the long dragon), but he's definitely cool. OBVIOUSLY I have Gan-Q though.

    Funniest joke award has to go to that Pterodactyl and his "I'm fine" bit. That's good stuff right there. Gan-Q and his stares were close, but you gotta hand it to the Pterodactyl. He really knows how to shrug off another's pain.

    1. Honestly, once the Gan-Q one came into existence, I'm surprised it didn't immediately materialize in your hands.

      Well, Pterodactyl can't relate! His feature just requires him to do things his body already does. No accounting for his total brushoff of the other's pain, though. He's just SO HIGH ABOVE IT ALL.

  7. Your sense of humor is spot on man, your little word bubbles never fail to make me laugh.

    1. Thank you, Master Steef. I am glad to have not failed you!

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