Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tomfoolery After Dark: Blacklight Special Returns a Fifth Time

Hey HEY!  Look how simple this is!  I've already got the pictures, and all I have to do is resize them and ramble a bit.  Success!  Tenouttaten best post best post.

Seriously though: I don't take these pictures just for the ease of posting.  I like dark posts!  I'm just glad we live in a time where cameras can capture this kinda stuff.

To start us off: The above pic is a Callgrim figure, one of the many Glyos compatible independent toylines.  He is a lovely pink color, but in the dark - HE'S RED.  Very red!  Sadly, like most things that glow red, he doesn't glow very bright for very long.  Red is always a choice among glowing things (like lightsabers and glowsticks) but it's rarely the correct choice if you wana be seen among the popular blues and greens.  I know from first hand experience!  It's hard being a fan of red when it comes to choosing your glow options.

Speaking of which:

Remember the Skeleton Warriors post?  And the one about Death?  This is where that started.  After pairing him with that scythe, I added the robes.

Sadly you can't fully tell what's going on, but the skeleton is glowing through the robes!  It was neat at the time.  Kinda wish the pic turned out better.

Anyway, lets move on to actual blacklight items!

The Blue Spirit - NOW WITH MORE BLUE!  Pretty sure I've shown him somewhere, but dunno where or what post.  This is a figure from Avatar: The Last Airbender.  SHHH!  Don't tell anyone it's really Zuko!  He's still working out his "honor" issues at this time, but he'll come around eventually.  Ya know, after doing one good deed makes him physically sick.

Here's the Courage figure again, and yet still I haven't done a focus on her!  I still plan to.

Her sword and awesome hair light up pretty well!  Since we're on the subject, I'll once again say how awesome this figure is and how you should totally get it.  I'll actually explain why, eventually!

Lord Dactys, from MotUC.  He didn't light up, but DANG he looks cool in this lighting!

And since we're on MotUC: Here's this battle damaged Faker head again, but this time on the Battle Armor Faker body!  It just...ah man, it worked out great.  Look at that!  Love it.

Ninjor,  Mattel really pulled out all the stops on that name.  Great figure!  Very ninja.  Wow.

Ah, one of my top favorites: New Adventures She-Ra!  She was created just for MotUC, and she turned out freakin' great.  I won't go into it now....and who knows when I will, since I'm SOOOO behind on MotUC, but I can say that this figure just rocks in all the right spacey ways.

She seriously needs a translucent cybernetic horse so she can ride around in space and take down Horde warships.

The O.G. of the expendable robot corps.  You should all be aware of B.A.T.s and my unreasonable and unbridled love for them.

I really need to do a post on my classic figures with modifications.  This is my original Dr. Doom toy, from Mattel's Secret Wars toyline.  He was a hand-me-down from a neighbor down the street who felt bad that I missed his garage sale, so he just gave me a little pile of guys for free!  Many of them were eventually replaced, but Dr. Doom lasted a looooong time, because they just didn't make many Dooms back then!  And when I did get a new Doom, it just didn't measure up to the Secret Wars version.  To this day I'm still waiting for them to make a Marvel Legend of this particular version.

Anyway: The things around his wrists are rubber bands that usually go on braces.  You ever have rubber bands on your braces?  It's....inconvenient.  Not as much as a palate expander, but still annoying.  Anyway, I had a lot of leftover bands, and they were all neon 'cause it was the 90's.  Instant energy bands!  Or something.

Kamen Rider Drive!  You can almost always count on translucent orange to shine like the sun.

Kamen Rider Wizard!  You can almost always count on translucent blue to shine like the moon.

Have you played Mega Man Battle Network?  I was totally into it, back when it was a thing, but I eventually got tired of it around the third game.  Still: I liked the designs, and some cool toys were made in Japan!  Sort of.  All my standard Mega Man figures broke at the joints for some crazy reason, except for the one above, and this one:

Proto Man, and Bass (above).  On one hand: I'm glad these two didn't break, 'cause they're some of the coolest ones!  On the other hand: AAAAGH!  All the other ones broke.  ALL OF THEM.  And they were so cool!  It's really too bad the joints were all made from some plastic that didn't stand the test of time.  Sometimes you can't tell what will be breakable without the all important passage of time.

This is a build-a-figure of Hobgoblin from a couple Spider-Man Legends lines ago.  Neat figure!  Also: Absolutely nothing lit up on this guy EXCEPT his eyes!  Couldn't have worked out better.

This is an old one from an older phone that made everything all fuzzy, but it did make for some interesting pics!  This is Bespin Luke, and HIS EYES CAN HYPNOTIZE.

THE MIGHTY ODIN, a build-a-figure.  He speaks of The Mighty Maelstrom, a ride at Disney World that has recently been replaced by a Frozen ride.

Odin will not be pleased.

Standard Samus!  Not terribly interesting, but...

...Gravity Suit Samus turns an interesting shade of white-ish.  Kinda like one of her Prime suits.  Neat!

Action Master Shockwave!  Only the orange remains.  I assume it's so that he can jog at night.

There's just no way to photograph this figure in a bad light.  No light is bad.  He takes it in and sends it back in a nice package with a bow on top.

Now here's a favorite theme: Concept figures!  This is the concept Storm Trooper, back when the idea for Star Wars was gona involve lightsabers being just a regular old thing that anyone could carry.  If any concept figure makes it into the Black Series, I REALLY hope it's this one!

This is Black Shadow, the Transformer space gangster.  BADASS figure!  Heck, you gotta see him in the light, too:

As you can see, the light pipping in the eyes works really well.  The only thing that could make this guy better is a sword.

Evil Tiga!  I was hoping for more from him, but the red does enough.  Mostly this pic stands out because of the fuzzy glow from my old phone's camera.

Ultron!  That orange, once again.  This is a good example of something that looks better in person than on camera.  Sometimes it's hard to capture the exact majesty of just that orange glow.

Same deal with Starlord.  The mask lights right up in the perfect places!

See what I mean?  I love this kinda thing!  I mean, I love seeing something light up, but the best stuff is when just a little lights up.

....okay, so I lied.  Sometimes the best stuff is when it ALL lights up.  Case by case basis.

This is the Library Ghost from the opening to Ghostbusters!  A ghost that is near and dear to my heart, for a guy who works at a library.  I'd totally haunt my library!  I'd do shit like this, too.  Just stand around and read books, leave goopy crap all over, and then just WIG THE FUCK OUT when people approach me.  You got it made, Library Ghost.

Alright folks, that's it!  Thanks for bearing with me on simple posts like this.  Still trying to figure out my time frames, at the moment.  Every time I want to sit down to take some pics, the kid doesn't wana settle down.  BABIES, amirite?  They're all like: "EEEH FEED ME, I'M NEARLY HELPLESS!"  So lazy!  I mean, get up and get it yourself sometimes, geeze.


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    1. Thanks! Just an easy one, but I'm trying to find ways to get things up on some sorta regular basis.

  2. I use a Hordak sword from Spy Monkey creations for Black Shadow and it works perfectly.

    1. I hadn't thought of that! Didn't even try to fit those swords with Transformers yet. Thanks!

  3. If memory serves, the "next Dr. Doom" you speak of is the one that reaches the salt, isn't it? That's the one I had. I love his little handheld drill thing, which he held in his non-salt-reaching fist.

    1. Never found out if Reach-The-Salt Doom had a weapon (got him hand-me-down) but the one before him - the Toybiz one - had the drill. He had crazy spinning hand when you turned the big crank on his back. Because...I dunno, before he was able to reach the salt, he focused more on RUINING DINNER by spinning his arm like a madman. Sounds like Doom.