Tuesday, March 31, 2015

That's All, Folks

WELP, I'm all done with toys.  You can dry those eyes, though, 'cause the blog will be taking a new direction!  Check back tomorrow for a classic experience that is such a blast from the past that it'll literally blast you into the past.  Seriously man, check it out.  Tomorrow.


  1. Let me just be the first to say that I absolutely believe this.

    And that you are going to need a bigger trash bin.

  2. Nooo! Say it ain't so! How will I live without the tomfoolery!!

    I'll be here tomorrow. :)

  3. Don't throw them out! Ship them to me. I'll take great care of them for you until you come to your senses.

  4. Finally! This was a long time coming. But if you think Pogs are great, you should check out the second-party knock-off milk caps. THAT'S where the party's at!