Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Order Now and Get a Second Cy-Chop at No Extra Charge! (Oct '12)

What slices, dices, makes julienne fries, and beautiful thinly sliced tomatoes?

NOT CY-CHOP!  Never Cy-Chop!  Oh...oh god!  Why would you even think that?!  Nothing good could ever come from scissors that big!  For the love of all that is holy - RUN!

I want to introduce you to Cy-Chop.  He's a part of the MotUC 30th anniversary line, back in 2012.  I explained the process with Fearless Photog, Draego-Man, The Mighty Spector, and Sir Laser-Lot.  They're all part of the 30th anniversary figures, which I felt celebrated the idea of finding brand new toys in the MotU line!  You know - those times long past where you could walk into a store and find a brand new toy you never heard of.  Especially in that old MotU toyline!  Always something wacky ready to pop out at you, like a skunk man that really stinks, or a crazy spinning guy with a radar on his chest.

For the 30th anniversary, Mattel decided to try and get famous MotU fans to design some figures...and they couldn't find a whole lot of people.  Fearless Photog was an old contest winner from the 80's (that never saw the light of day, until now), Draego-Man was from the Four Horsemen (sculptors of MotUC), Mighty Spector was from the brand manager (Toyguru), and Sir Laser-Lot was from Geoff Johns (comic book writer) which pretty much gives us our ONE guy that wasn't in-house at Mattel or part of a contest.

This means that Cy-Chop is also from an in-house Mattel guy - Terry Higuchi.  He's a designer that has worked for Mattel for years, even as far back as the 90's New Adventures of He-Man toyline (having worked on the original Flipshot, as well as the MotUC remake).  I'm very glad Mr. Higuchi got to make a design of his own, 'cause OH MAN.  Well...look at him!

This is MotU, Microman, and a little kaiju all rolled into one.  The "Microman" comes in with the head, as you can see.  The all-silver paint (save for those awesome metallic blue eyes) and the horns really give this that Acroyear vibe (a classic enemy of Microman).

Cy-Chop utilized Roboto's body, sans gears.  Instead, the insides are GUTS!  Well, save for that round mechanism that might serve as an atomic heart, or something.  Below are the intestines and stomach, which is awesome!  That is straight-up classic TOY, right there.  I imagine his action feature would have been a button that opened and closed his scissor hands while pumping the "guts" in the torso.

You can see some cracks on the back of the figure, which is a common problem with the Roboto torso.  That seems to be the only cracks, though, and they don't make me afraid to move the guy how I see fit (since nothing has made the cracks any worse).  Kinda adds some flavor to him as well!

And then there's the scissors themselves!  MASSIVE!  Utterly ridiculous!  I love it.  I don't know what part of this guy screams "MotU" more, honestly.  The marriage of monster and robot with a pair of giant scissor hands is right up MotU alley.  If not that, then it certainly belongs in the 80's, with the best of them.

I can barely begin to explain how this guy gets my creative juices flowing.  According to the filecard, he's old friends with Trap-Jaw, until Trap-Jaw (as Kronis) tossed Cy-Chop off the back of an escape vehicle and left him for dead.  Cy-Chop got some cybernetic replacements and hires himself out to the Horde.

...but OH, look at him!  Just look at him!  His body tells more tales than a bio ever could.  Why leave monster parts on there when so much is replaced?  Are they even monster parts anymore, or just an aesthetic decision to make him feel a bit more like his old self?  Why a clear chest?  WHAT'S WITH THE SCISSORS?!  Who knows?  But we can make it all up, can't we?

Personally, I see this guy as Horde Prime's right hand man.  This is a mechanical nightmare - Cy-Chop is relentless, doesn't talk much, and is nearly indestructible (never mind how the beast parts look).  I imagine this guy launching out of an airlock and landing on a space ship - somehow able to survive in space - and just freakin' CUTTING his way into a ship with his blades.  That is a clear image in my head (and one I totally can't make with my camera and limited backgrounds). Just Cy-Chop slowly walking across the hull of a spaceship.

I mean this guy just looks like he should be terrifying!  I imagine his mouth doesn't move when he talks - because it doesn't need to - but it DOES open, to get him the food he needs.  The inside of the mouth is just spinning blades and grinders, though, so he can suck down a slurry.  Terrible existence.  Horrifying to look at.

I could go on, but I don't want to turn this into a fan-fiction-fest.  Lets just say that I've more than fleshed out this guy, all because he is just DRIPPING with imaginative design.  When you put in the work, imagination-wise, you fuel the imagination of others.

Now, that isn't to say that this guy isn't flawed.  The scissors ROCK, but they're so dang huge that they kinda get in the way.  I can't imagine this guy standing around with these thing all the time.  You'd think they would retract, or something.  In fact, they even sculpted a Horde belt for him that works like Trap-Jaw's belt; in that it has loops to hang extra items.  He doesn't have any extra items, though - not even normal hands!

So, my first order of business was to make him some smaller weapons.  I like that he's Cy-Chop - meaning, he's got some big obvious things that make him "CHOP" - but I also like the idea that he's more of a Cy-Swiss-Army-Knife.  I used some Spymonkey items to build him some wicked energy blades.

One thing I can't do, however, is build him some normal hands.  I get that his gigantic blades kinda filled up his budget, but I really would have appreciated some Horde Prime hands painted up in orange to match his lower forearms.  I never got an extra Horde Prime (and I'd rather not, since I only need the hands) but if I did, the hands work perfectly.

They match, of course, because of the silver head.  They don't look out of place one bit, right?  I really wish Mattel had added in some hands for this guy in the last Weapons Pak.  Ah well.

Speaking of the weapons pak - they DID add in some silver versions of Trap-Jaw's weapons!  Granted, I believe they were meant for Roboto, but they work well with Cy-Chop all the same.

So I'd change out this guys hands often for the sake of novelty and the fact that it just looks awesome....but don't think for a second that I don't love those giant scissors.  Yeah, he should have come with some normal hands.  That doesn't diminish the sheer greatness of those scissors, though.  This guy is a WIN.

Now, as I said: The bio states that he hires himself out to the Horde, so technically he doesn't always have to work for them.  The belt comes off, after all, and you can throw it with anyone you like.  I really love putting him in the New Adventure universe, though, and paring him with Horde Prime.  With that in mind, you could throw on a classic Horde Armband, if you've got an extra.

...but good god man, it takes tremendous force to get it over his mechanical forearms.  You can do it, but I wouldn't unless you plan on leaving it on there.  It was a hassle to get on only to have to pry it back off again.

There's not much more for me to say about Cy-Chop that isn't more gushing or a freakin' complete written back story and matching list of all the reasons he's radical to the max.  He's classic and brand new, monstrous and robotic, terrifying and hilarious.   I cannot find a single thing not to love - only that he doesn't come with enough hands.  But hey...who can blame him for not using hands that often?  What does this murder machine need with hands?  He's got GIANT SCISSORS!  If your job is "cyborg death monster" then I can't imagine that "get me some hands" is very high on your to-do list.  Your top ten items will always be "MURDER", but no one will ever be able to read the list, because scissor hands.

If you don't love Cy-Chop, then you are a terrible person and you should feel bad.  What's wrong with you?  Listen to my opinions!


  1. I like him with Roboto's silver axes.

    Wonderful review, as always, Alexx.

    1. Bah, you're right! I should have shown Roboto's items on his arms - they even match the color scheme of his scissors!

      Thanks man!

  2. Funny how you don't forget your first impressions with some figures. I can clearing remember the two of us gushing about this guy. We were like, "This guy was MADE for us! He's a monster! He's a robot! He's freakin' awesome!".

    I also don't think Cy-Chop needs to open his mouth to speak. But I picture his mouth lines with needles for teeth instead of grinders (though you can't go wrong with grinders).

    Otherwise, I agree on all points. Extra hands would have been nice, but I'm sure he could just take them when he wants them. Cy-Chop doesn't bother asking you for a hand, he just blah blah you know.

    Hugz indeed.

    1. Yeah, my thoughts on him haven't changed since we saw him. As for his mouth: just about any option beyond normal teeth is horrifying!

      "Blah blah you know?!" You start a joke, you FINISH IT, MISTER! Cy-Chop doesn't bother asking for a hand - because he's too proud to ask for help! There. Totally joked it up. You're welcome.

  3. I'll always remember the 30th line as the "One where everybody thought the mundane dragon-guy was the best one." I mean Draego-Man is freakin' cool, but there's nothing that new or exciting about him. Honestly I feel like Cy-Chop fits more into the MOTU aesthetic than Draego-Man.

    And I know a lot of us are here for the laffs, but I wouldn't begrudge you for spilling forth your fanfic-grade backstory for Cy-Chop. I've always loved MOTU for what I felt was a "build-your-own-backstory" attitude, what with the highly evocative characters and conflicting media representations.

    1. My thoughts exactly! Not that I don't friggin' love Draego-Man on a general toy level, but you're right: For MotU, he's not silly enough. He's not silly at all! He's TOTALLY SERIOUS. I mean, look at that face! That's a face that says "...". Joking aside: You're right! Cy-Chop is just major MotU all over. He even reminds me of some of those concept art figures that never came to pass.

      Well thanks for the vote of confidence in my fanfic abilities! I agree whole heartedly - a figure that lends itself to imaginative recreation is always going to be top-shelf, to me. I mean, don't get me wrong; I love it when a bio fleshes out a character. Sometimes, though, a character is SO interesting, visually, that I can't help but flesh him out more based on how I see it. Cy-Chop is definitely one of those! No basic bio could ever match the all the tiny questions that rise up when looking at this figure. A lot of people mark those questions as bad design, but I mark them as fill-in-the-blank. I LOVE IT.

  4. He's the-all-in-one-stop-Cy-Chop!