Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The November MotUCs Arrive Amidst the Disarray

And so I provide for you a quick shot of the packages (with regards to my current state of disheveledness) and my thoughts, fresh off the top of my head:

PPPHHHHT yeah this one is a present to all the Filmation fans who have been waiting for him, but not to folks like me.  He provides a fine goblet, but otherwise I'm honestly not sure what to do with him.  I could at least do some jokes, but they've restricted him so much by cutting out the bicep swivel and basically making his legs useless with the long skirt (just above his knees).  He's pretty much a standing figure for all intents and purposes, and I don't normally buy those.  Someday I may find a use for him, or otherwise I may cut his skirt so I can at least get some wacky poses out of him.  Otherwise he's delightfully foppy!  I just wish I could DO something with him.

Dekker is better!  I was afraid he'd be like Foppy Randor and his legs would be useless, but they have a little more wiggle room.  Emphasis on "little" however.  I may have to cut his skirt as well, some day...it's just that my cutting of the first version of She-Ra's skirt was a disaster, so I'm afraid to pull it off again.  But MAN I want Dekker in cool poses!  He's just so limited with the skirt taking away most of his leg movement.  Other than that, he is one BAD muthafugga.  I'm just looking for a body for his young head, now (it's in there; I just covered it with a dialogue box).

SAVING GRAAAACE!  The month has been saved and subsequently burned to the ground with righteous fire by Castle Grayskullman: the most awesome of the most awesome.  With a cherry on top.  And that awesome yellow spongy cake.  Maybe with some ARGLEBARGLE moving on from the food jokes!  This figure rocks on all four corners of the Earth, which is impossible what with the roundness and all that - but that's just how awesome he is.  Nothing could have embodied the classic feel of this toyline any better than this figure. 

On top of that, Castle Grayskullman seems to have the best of everything - his joints are tight but not too tight, his loincloth allows his legs some nice forward movement, his arms seem to work better than everyone else's, and I dunno about the rest of you, but mine shoots real fire and has already burnt a good portion of the apartment, which will cost me more money for repairs.  Still, Castle Grayskullman totally said he was sorry and gave me a fist bump and we're cool.

Rest assured, there WILL be pics of them!  Just...not now.  Shoo.


  1. You should link the Castle Grayskullman videos at some point possibly.

    1. Yeah I think I'm gona post those when I go over Grayskullman.

  2. From what I've seen, Castle Grayskullman hasn't really impressed Me. If I had one, I'd be making him a parody of Hulk Hogan, since that's all I can see when I look at him.

    1. To each his own! I can certainly see the Hogan reference, but I like the hair as a tie to the Power of He-Man, so to speak.

      But hey, Hogan has switched sides before and also tried to "disguise" himself as someone else. Maybe he really IS under the armor! If that's the case, I'm gona have to come up with some sort of plan for when he runs wild on me.

  3. GREYSKULLMAN, what a wonderful idea. That face is terrifying, like he's come from the Nightosphere!

    Dekker looks like he belongs with Man-King's posse.

    As for Goblet accessory Randor... CLONE-KING-MAN!

  4. "It's Castle Grayskullman!"
    Bad guys: "OH, SH*T!"

    I missed him on sale day, but he's one of the ones I'll go back for. For serious.